It all changed, when my personal circumstances altered drastically and I looked to God for help.

Since being a child, I had gone to church, believed in God, but still felt ‘at a distance’ from God. Nobody had ever said that if I had been the only person on earth, Jesus died for me, that He could be my personal Saviour ! Yes, I realised that Jesus died for OUR sins, but knowing Jesus in a personal way and having the Holy Spirit, to be ‘born again’ (John3:3) had never been shown ‘in church’, that I had known. So when I called out to God for help, He made a way of showing me how much more there is in Him and how much He loves me!

Going from general prayers in church,to having people pray over and for me and falling under the power of the Holy Spirit as well as feeling and knowing a supernatural change was just amazing ! My personal prayer was simple: Jesus, I make you the Lord of my life, forgive me of my sins and come into my heart ! The transformation was awesome! The world did indeed look and feel so different. I couldn’t help but tell people about my wonderful experience ….some even said “You look so different!” before I had chance to explain !

After this experience, I couldn’t sit in religious churches, where you went through the motions week in and week out. I found, thankfully, that there are churches that offer the fullness of relationship with God and the baptism of the Holy Spirit as well as moving in the gifts that equip and help the body of believers ! What a difference! This was the beginning of a very exciting journey for me!!

Eunice Brennan