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Dear brothers and sisters in Christ,

My heart is to reach out and touch people around the world with the love and words of the Father. To have lives radically touched by Jesus and see His Kingdom manifest on earth.

If you would like to be part of this Blessing, partner with me and see God’s plans and purposes be fulfilled! Partnering will bring destiny to us all – how exciting is that!

My life is dedicated to the Lord and I will be so appreciative of whatever you feel led to sow monthly, to enable God’s victory through my life for others!

The Lord says :  Partnering with Eunice will bring the treasure of heaven IN A WHOLE NEW WAY as I AM making it clear, in this NEW ERA, that things are going to be very different! I declare that if you partner monthly and support her ministry, I will reward you IN A VERY SPECIAL WAY, as this daughter of mine has a GREAT WORK TO DO and needs the support of your helping hand. Do not look at what may be right to give- but listen to Me, as I AM going to tell you and when you obey, you will see your finances go to another level ! Yes this is A NEW DAY and I AM moving IN A WHOLE NEW WAY ! THE GREAT I AM HAS SPOKEN !

According to the Word of God (Mathew10:41) there is a reward for those who receive the Prophets. Also, (2 Chron’ 20:20) says that if you believe His Prophets you will prosper and (as 2 Corinth’ 9:6) reveals…whoever sows generously will also reap generously!

So many Blessings to receive!

THANK YOU so much!

Partnership Subscription.

For the monthly partnership subscription donation, once logged in to PayPal, remember to tick the box, ‘Make this recurring (monthly)’. Thank you so much for your kindness. Eunice.

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