The words for my family were spot on. Not only were the prophecies very good, but each one was easy for the person to relate to. For instance, you spoke about agriculture for my husband and he is an agriculture teacher. You spoke of gymnastics with my daughter and she is a gymnast…Thank you so much for your ministry !!
Pastor Rajesh:
Dearly beloved Prophetess Eunice,
Thank you so much precious Prophetess for that powerful and uplifting prophetic word. May your seer anointing increase in Jesus name. God Bless you and your ministry abundantly. In His Love.

Dear prophetess Eunice,
You’re so accurate. The word you sent me is confirmation and encouraging to my spirit.Thank you.

Bless you my friend. Thank you for this wonderful word of encouragement. It is a great joy to me to know …..I loved the word you provided …..Bless you and thank you for all you do.

Thank you Eunice. This confirms…. Also, thank you for the prayer about my knee, and the removing of the pin in it…it had since yesterday been hurting, it is feeling great now. God is good !

Dear Eunice,
Thank you for your word from God. The moment I heard your voice my eyes teared up…So thankful….My love to you in Jesus. Thank you for doing His work. Take care and take rest in Him.

Thank you so much for this great word !! I felt peace and comfort while listening to it. May God Bless you and your ministry.

Eunice, your word hit the mark ! For a very long time I …..but when I heard your word, I cried, because of His love and promise to deliver. Thank you Eunice.

Your words are such a blessing to our whole family. They always confirm what God has been saying to me and showing me but with more details and so gives me something to battle with !

a child's heart

Thank you so much Eunice, the interpretation you provided really expanded my mind and spiritual vision and is helping to increase my focus. I really appreciate your unique ministry. Blessings and good health to you.

Ohh Prophet Eunice ! I just listened to your timely prophetic word ! WOW ! ACCELERATION is upon my life, eh ! I appreciate this Rhema word of further enlightenment, confirmation and inspiration. I am truly STIRRED to continue pursuing what God has laid on my heart and is leading me to do, during this TIME of transition in this Christmas season ! I EXPECT GREAT THINGS from the mighty hands of the Lord, to do His will for my life, in this hour of the church ! Thanks for your awesome input where this is concerned, Prophet Brennan ! Great Blessings, Joy and Love to you and your household, Eunice ! Shalom !

Prophetic counselling: The pictures that the Lord gave you were accurate and gave confirmation, which I was seeking in my life. I am happy that the Father has brought me across your path. It was huge confirmation and a green light to keep doing what I am doing and to just trust Him. I’m happy that I can count on Him as the perfect parent and that He gives us, the church and individuals, the prophetic which voices His heart to us ! Thank you Daddy for the amazing plans you have for me and thank you Eunice for your obedience to Him ! God Bless you Eunice.

Eunice, thank you again. The more I listen and pray along with this prayer, the more I get a sense of releasing or being released and the better I feel. This is why I love prayer so much, especially when praying with someone who is anointed such as yourself. Thank you for filling this need to partner with us in prayer.

It is a privilege and a marvel to receive a tongue and immediately feel how much the Lord influenced me to do and understand things better. I will definitely be back in the future and be recommending this to Christian students. You are so relatable. Now I really am marvelled by the Lord and the flexibility of your ministry….I have tasted God’s direct influence in a single day.


Hello Eunice, Thanks so much for this word. It is very encouraging and inspiring. It is accurate and will keep me encouraged for quite some time to come. I am entering a new phase and overcoming as I go !! So timely !! Bless you mightily. Kind regards, Marlene.

Hi Eunice, thank you for the Word of the Lord. There are some things in it, that gave rest to my soul. I already saw…..Yes, so accurate what you said about it. So …all you spoke is reality, thank you. It’s a confirmation. Thank you for spending time for me, with the Lord. This is really healing for me. Love & Blessings.

Thank you for the Word – it is a confirmation so it is VERY accurate. The revelation given to you is on target….May God continue to bless your ministry financially and spiritually and bring you before great men because your gifting is true, sure and pure !

Thank you so much for the prophetic word from the Lord….The Lord has been doing a work during 2015 to build me up for where He wants me to go and this prophetic word confirms all of that. It has not been an easy road, but it will all be worth it here very soon. Thank you again and Happy New Year! Blessings.

Thank you so much, very on point and encouraging.

Thanks Prophetess Brennan, you are truly blessed and I can certainly resonate with the words given to you from the Father. God Bless you.

Thank you, I am indeed waiting to be transitioned into a new job, a new church. As for the new label, I am ….Thank you for the encouraging word ! May the Lord bless you abundantly.

Dr. JSM:
Dear Madam,
I am astonished about the accuracy of your prophecy. Now I am relieved and much at ease….

God is so good ! He quickly answered our prayers….on the very last pregnancy medical examination, the doctor reported that her placenta ( in every aspect) just went in a right, normal position ! Glory to God and thank you for your intercession prayers.

Blessings Eunice,
Accurate is insufficient. Your ministry is truly filled with the Spirit of Truth. What you prophesied over me and my wife is nothing short of God speaking through you . We are so grateful and will stay connected to your life changing ministry.


Dear Eunice,
Thank you so much for seeking God on my behalf and communicating His heart to me. I could actually feel His love in your voice. I could also feel the peace of God and the security that is mine in Him. The word is very encouraging. So many areas of my life were addressed. However, what spoke volumes to me is the essence of your heart from where you spoke. The Father let me know that you were ministering from a place of rest. This is where He has called me to abide. I have had a very difficult time understanding and accepting His rest, but you just exemplified it to me. Thank you so much. In His love.

Hello Eunice,
I just wanted to write and say how accurate your word was ! You had mentioned you saw me….That is exactly what I’ve been praying for many years….in those words !…God is so amazing ! Thank you for being an instrument of His blessings !

Dear Eunice,
Thanks very much for the word sent through….Your pictures about my struggles were spot on, thus making the word of encouragement a life line I’m desperately but gratefully holding onto for change…May Abba Father restore virtue that goes out of you, as you receive on behalf of His children. May El Shaddai provide for you and protect you. Every blessing.

God speaks wonderful things through you ! I’ve already got answers I need !!! Glory to God ! ….and He also gave me practical answers to many questions through you. The prophecy is VERY up-to-date, accurate, loving, encouraging, strengthening…Glory to Jesus the Saviour, our LORD. God Bless you, blessings on top of blessings, and grace of LORD Jesus be with you always.

Hello Prophet Eunice,
I want to thank you for the prophetic word. Each part of the word that you expanded on was relevant and accurate to my present situation in my walk with the Lord. God Bless You.

Hi Eunice,
Many thanks for your prophetic words for me and my wife. It was crystal clear my hidden questions from the Lord have been answered. I cried with joy knowing the message comes from the heart of God. I don’t know the time frame for this prophetic word but my spirit is so excited to really do the work of Christ…God Bless.

Thank you very much for being a vessel of God. I believe and receive this word from the Lord. May God our Father mightily bless you. Yes, this is a true word from God, everything you have said to me is true: the burden, anointing, restoration…I know all the promises will come to pass in Jesus name.

Thank you for such an inspirational prophetic word. Not only were the words inspirational,but are accepted in my spirit as hopeful and full of faith about situations in my life….I have been listening and listening everyday and all day to these words. I cannot say all that I have been experiencing every time I listen to your revelations of what God has in store for me….the first words spoken let me know and believe these words were from Almighty God Himself. Every word and picture/scene you saw was describing me and what the outcome of my situations were about to unfold; which gives me hope and began to lift me out of despair. More importantly, to strengthen my faith in Almighty God. The more I listen…the more and greater I am in looking forward to the manifestation prophesied. Once again THANK YOU …


This word is beautiful. Thank you. God Bless you and this ministry. The word is very accurate.

Dear Eunice,
Thank you so much for taking the time to seek the Lord in my behalf. It was such a great encouragement and complete confirmation as always. You have been such a blessing to me and my family. You will never know how much the word has ministered life to me and my family as I have placed several requests for them as well. I pray that God will continue to bless you and all that you have purposed to for the Kingdom. I always feel such a great desire to sow much more (apart from the prophetic word request donations) into your ministry and I will trust God to give me the resources to do so this year. I believe this ministry is good ground and it is my privilege to sow into it. God Bless.

Thank you so much Eunice for this awesome Word. God Bless you for your time! You’ve really blessed me. Much love to you sis.

Pastor C.Jayaseelan:
Dear Eunice Brennan,
Greetings. I have no words to offer regarding the accuracy of the prophetic word sent by you to me. Every word is true. Now I am eagerly waiting and praising God for it’s fulfillment. Thank you so much. Bye for now. Prayers and regards.

Patricia & Prophetic Counselling:
Thank you so much for your obedience, love and clarity shown to us both. It was right on and very timely and gave a greater clarity and confirmation of what I already had sensed…Blessings and much love.

Dear Eunice,
Thank you for the encouraging words of wisdom and I take it to heart everything that you have prophesied over me. I believe I will receive what has been prophesied and will be letting you know how it is coming about. Thank you and God Bless.

Wow. Praise the Lord ! Very amazing. Very right on. Very powerful. Thank you ! Thank you ! Blessings and all the best to you from the Almighty King Yeshua.

Good morning Eunice! What a powerful word from the Lord Hallelujah !!! It was a “right now word” and again you have brought confirmation about my circumstances…You and your gifts are valuable to the Body of Christ in this season and I am blessed to have been introduced to you ! Take care and God Bless you and your ministry.

My dear friend Eunice,
You have no idea what great joy this prophetic word has brought to me.I feel an excitement in my spirit stirring. I found myself in tears before God ….How wonderful it is to know after all these years God is going to ….Thank you for your obedience and your faithfulness my friend. I pray God’s abundant blessings upon you. You have been a great strength to me.Blessings

FB_IMG_1448603589245Jennifer & Prophetic Counselling:
Thank you Eunice. The session was a blessing to me and I am looking forward to the great changes coming up in my life.

I know that you have heard from the heart of God as every word spoken was confirming, encouraging and inspiring. I pray God continues to use you for His glory and bless you for following His direction. In Jesus name !

Dear Eunice,
I wanted to give you feedback about the word you sent me. It was such an accurate word. Thank you for being the third (all be it not so welcome to my flesh) confirmation. You are a precious woman of God. Your word was so accurate and helped me to make sense of some of the feelings that I have been having. It is really wonderful to hear from the LORD through you….May God richly bless you. Love in HIM.

Dearest Eunice,
Thank you so much for this amazing, timely, spot on word! It has brought so much confirmation and encouragement. I am so grateful to you and your obedience to walk in the gifting that God our Father has placed in you ! I lift you up in prayer as you pray over so many of us. With love and blessings.

Hi Eunice, I appreciate your time and effort ! There is definitely confirmation on things in my life and on some other unexpected topics. You are doing a great job and making a difference in the Kingdom of God ! I pray that you will have countless opportunities to speak into the lives of people. Best regards.

I just want to thank you for the word you sent me ….it is certainly from the Father and confirms things He has said and then goes up a notch ! I feel like I am looking at myself and thinking “who are you ?!” Thank you for the obvious commitment of time and care you spend on receiving the words. May it be multiplied back to you !

I just want to say every word you give for our family is so correct and so incredibly specific….

Hi Eunice,
Thank you so much for the prophetic word that I received, it was encouraging and uplifting. There were things you said about my job situation and other things that were right on target. Also, the prophecy moving forward and the details of the prophecy are very encouraging. I will keep you posted. You are truly a precious Prophetess of God and I’m sure you will bring many others to their God willed destiny! God Bless !