2c837471546536eb75f5f33f0749f084Susan & Prophetic Counselling :
Eunice, Thanks so much for the beautiful prophetic ministry you gave – it truly was life transforming and my words aren’t enough to express the gratitude I feel ! The things the Lord gave for me brought many confirmations to the things the Lord had already revealed to me and greatly encouraged & lifted my spirit ! Thank you for the sacrifice of your time and just being there and allowing God to flow through you. Much love, Susan.

Thanks for the prophetic words- every word you spoke is accurate. I don’t have any words to tell you how accurate the words are. Last year you prophesied about the power of Holy Spirit in my life. Now I am seeing people crying in the presence of God when I lead praise and worship….

Thank you for the encouraging and on-target word from the Lord. May God continue to bless you abundantly and use you mightily in this last strategic hour of the Kingdom of God.

Thank you Eunice. Your words give comfort…Thank you for your wise words, prayer support and the comfort blanket from God.

My husband and I are always blessed and amazed by your prophecies. You have such an incredible gift….

Thank you so much for the word of the Lord to my life. I was so blessed when I received your word. Your ministry , it’s such a blessing to many. May God continue using you as a gift to the body.

Thank you for your ministry today…..I appreciate you see pictures and interpret them rather than just speaking positively over people. It makes me believe that the word is truly from the Lord. The word was so helpful and comforting to me ….Thanks so much and God keep you and protect your gift/ministry !

Thanks again for the beautiful prophetic word. Wow, your word was so encouraging and accurate- it gave me renewed hope and strength just to go forward. I sensed the Father’s love so deeply for me through the words you spoke. The Lord used the prophetic word you shared to propel me forward and I haven’t stopped ! What a blessing ! I can’t hardly read the prophecy without crying because of all the confirmations, and things I have prayed about for so long and words that brought tremendous hope. I appreciate you and plan to continue to support your ministry as the Lord helps me to. You’re in my prayers. Much love Susan.


N: Dear Eunice, not so long ago I sowed two seeds in your ministry as a prayer request and for both of them, I do have positive reports….Glory be to God !

I just want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for 3 Spirit led prayers, as you prayed with authority in Christ, calling different spirits to come out, the consequence was the manifestation of ‘God’s hand at work’. Something negative left me yesterday while praying in agreement with you. Last night I had positive dreams and I pray that my freedom in Christ is sealed with His Blood. God Bless you.

Hi Prophet Eunice,
Glory to God in the Highest !!! Thank you so much for this amazing and incredible anointed word from the Father. There were so many things you spoke that were precisely accurate and there was no way you could have known except the Lord show you. We are greatly encouraged and blessed by this word….Your words about ….were really hitting the nail on the head….what a humbling and yet joyful realization to know how God sees him and how He sees me. I just so loved the words about…..and so much more ! I have listened to the word a half a dozen times today and find it so encouraging and such a blessing….This word is rich and I will refer to it over the coming months and years as direction, confirmation and encouragement .Thank you and God Bless you Prophet Eunice, we so appreciate you and your gift. Love & Blessings.

Dear Eunice, thank you so much for the Word from the Lord. It is spot on and I’m listening daily as I receive depth and revelation. May you be blessed in your ministry….and of greater things still to come.

THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR THIS WORD EUNICE ! This word is such a timely word indeed and is SUPER accurate. It felt as if you were peering directly into my journey and you are able to see what is unfolding. This word really brought me so much hope and expectancy but not only that, it showed me that God is on this journey with me……Wow, I feel beyond blessed and excited for what is going to unfold. I know God is faithful and He will fulfill what He has spoken through you !! Sending blessings and much thanks.

Dear Eunice, many many thanks for this. It is great reassurance on what the Lord has been showing me. Looking forward to the Prophetic Counselling session. Blessings.

Dear Eunice, I have just come back home and listened to this wonderful, wonderful word …..I will replay it until it gets down deep on the inside of me…..It is wonderful that we have your prophetic voice in England. I am so grateful to you.

The word you sent me really truly blessed me. After listening to it, it seemed like I felt taller, more fortified. I’ve never experienced that and I love listening to it over and over again….I noticed today another thing that has come to pass and I’m excited…

Dear Prophet, words can not express the joy and peace I’ve received on account of the encounter I’ve had with you and the beautiful office, gifting and anointing that’s on your life ! I am grateful for our connection for such a time as this ! Love and honour !


Dear Eunice,
Thank you so much. I thank God for your life and ministry. Thank you for …. your labour of love in the body of Christ…I will stand upon this word and …the last few months it’s been battle after battle….but the joy of the Lord is my strength. Dear sister, I thank you from the bottom of my heart. God richly bless you.

Dear Eunice,
Many thanks for your precious word to me which has been confirmed in several ways…

Hello Eunice,
Thank you so much for your words, they have been such a blessing to us…God has been amazing in confirming a number of words you have shared, giving us hope in our callings. Bless you.

Dear Eunice,…..I have listened to it often and just recently I have written it down…It is hard to put into words what it has meant to me….it is so encouraging, personal and I stand in awe of our heavenly Father…Thank you ! I trust that God will continue to bless you as you are such a blessing to others.

Thank you so much for this word Eunice. LOVE this word and I so receive it !!

Your word blessed me beyond belief ! I’m praising God and in tears as I listen again ! All of it touched me and is exactly what I prayed for. The portion at the end especially touched my heart and I have played it over and over. I have ……exactly as you said in the word you received. Thank you for your obedience to share His word. It was like unwrapping a beautiful Christmas gift early ! The best one ever ! I am still in awe of the entire message….

God Bless you Eunice. This word was refreshing and made me smile…..as I am a little saddened this holiday and I remembered the word you sent me two years ago, as I believe that word is about to manifest for me as well. Thank you again & God Bless you.

Thank you Eunice! It all ministers to me greatly…..

Hi Eunice, I really appreciate that you get words back so timely….I found the word very helpful, encouraging, confirming and accurate ! My vision for 2017 is enhanced and I have things I can look forward to, pray for and press in for. Thank you so much for your ministry ….

The word was a great blessing. Thank you soo much.

Just received your wonderful, encouraging message. Thank you, thank you, thank you. Such a blessing ! I’m so thankful and blessed that God brought you into my life.


Dear Eunice, Thank you so much for your word ! It was very encouraging and accurate and it’s great to know that God has such good plans for me. God Bless.

Thanks so much for the prophetic word. It was really encouraging and great to hear….God Bless you.

Hi Prophetess Eunice. The prophetic word you sent me was accurate & very encouraging. You’ve been an incredible blessing in our lives and we so appreciate all you do. By the way, when you prophesied over my two kids some time back, you described their personalities down to a tee through the prophetic. That’s pretty amazing because you have never seen them or met them, nor did you know anything about them. God certainly does give you some vivid and dynamic images when you prophesy. May God continue to bless you abundantly. Blessings

Dear Eunice, Please accept my heartiest thanks for a Word From The Lord that you sent me some weeks ago. I greatly appreciate your precise insights of revelations given you by our merciful Lord that in fact encourages me …..

Dear Eunice, Hallelujah! Hallelujah ! Oh my God !!! What healing words. I am still in awe & still in a state of euphoria at the Lord’s love, healing and concern with everything that concerns me in this season….You have no idea the peace it’s given me. Wow God is sooo good….I can barely breath with excitement mentioned & expectation ….Thank you, Thank you, Thank you. This is the best word ever ! Every word I have received from the Lord through you has been built up and confirmed by today’s prophetic word. With love ….

Dear Eunice, I thank you so much for this blessed word. I treasure it, acknowledge it and am greatly, greatly encouraged by it ….

N.A. & Prophetic Counselling:
Thank you very very much Eunice, I greatly loved and appreciated the counselling earlier today….will listen to it over and over to digest everything in detail. You will surely hear from me in this season of dumbfounded breakthroughs and great joy. Merci beaucoup as we say here. Till next time, I say, God Bless.

Thank you for me and my daughter’s word. You’re so awesome. May God continue to bless and use you…

Thank you for such a marvellous, uplifting and precise word. Thank you for being available in Christ through web Prophetic Ministry to serve others as well as myself. I really do appreciate that you are so responsive, kind hearted woman of God, with such a colourful voice that brings me joy when I listen to your prayers or prophecies. And your gift has deep roots…. God bless you and your loved ones.

Thank you so much….You emit love and understanding, hope, compassion and joy over the airways, the fruit of the Spirit and Jesus Christ truly are present in you ! Thank you ! So glad I found you through a mutual friend ! God Bless !


Paul & Prophetic Counselling :
Accurate and perceptive; yoke- breaking and light-bearing : that is the God-given ministry of Eunice Brennan.
Having already received two ‘words’ from Eunice, I knew the anointing of God was upon her life and because of that I ventured to request a telephone session of personal counselling. I knew she would be helpful; I knew she would be encouraging. What I didn’t know is just how God would use her to speak so specifically and life-alteringly into certain matters.
I have been around the things of God for many years, but I have never come across a prophetic voice that has made such an impact upon me.
If you feel you are adrift on the ocean, if you feel the fog has descended and you cannot see the way ahead, if you feel the enemy’s guns have you surrounded and are ready to blow you out of the water, know this : God has a voice and He has a faithful servant. I cannot commend highly enough the ministry of Eunice Brennan. Paul ( Lawyer)

Hi Eunice, Thank you for listening to the Lord on our behalf. This word is direct & spot on to the situation here. Also confirming what I have been feeling was our direction ……Blessings in every way you need it.

Dear Eunice, Thank you again for sending me the prophecy and prayer for my son. I thank God for using you to give me the prophecies. It has enabled me to pray in the right direction and thank God for all that He is doing and will continue to do. God Bless you so much as He continues to use you faithfully.

Wow….I receive that Word ! It truly encouraged me beyond words can express ! …..Thank you and God Bless.

Thanks so much Eunice for your quick response….I found your prophetic word to be very knowledgeable about the present situation and very helpful to know how to proceed in areas. Blessings to you.

Thank you so much !! The words we got last week were amazing and so correct and specific 🙂

Dear Eunice,
Thanks for the word. It is beautiful, spot on and encouraging …..

Such a powerful and encouraging word Eunice. I’ve listened to it several times- it’s just what I needed ! Thank you.

Dear Eunice,
Thank you for the word from the Lord to me. There are several parts that resonated with me deeply, and all of it was encouraging. Two things you said reinforce personal words the Lord spoke to me many years ago that were extremely powerful. Hearing them again this week was extremely encouraging and uplifting, as you can imagine. It’s interesting to me that the Lord even had you place an inflection on a word here and there, just so I was sure to hear His voice on it. Amazing. Thank you and God Bless you !


Thank you so much, that was encouraging and beautiful. God Bless.

Hi Eunice…..I’m still digesting the awesome Word God spoke through you. The magnitude of what is to come just bowled me over…..Now I know !! Thank you so much my friend ….

Thanks so much for your prophetic word. I really enjoyed it and it was very accurate. I also like the rhyming and it’s pretty amazing how you come up with the rhymes. I recently received another prophetic word that spoke about ….so yours is a great confirmation. Also, I appreciate all of the other great things you said to me. God Bless.

Thank u for the prophetic words, everything is right on, especially ……. thank u.

Thank you for the encouraging words ….I am very encouraged to hear ……. In the word you gave, the three immediate things that stood out were ….. Thank you. God Bless.

Thank you Eunice, for the wonderful word in season for both of us. It was definitely encouraging and strengthening. The prophetic does indeed bring amazing breakthrough. You truly are an incredible blessing to the body of Christ. Many thanks again !

Thank you so much ! I appreciate and admire your gift. The words you brought for my family and I bring excitement and joy to me…..God Bless !

….You have an amazing prophetic ministry. I have always been so blessed and encouraged by your detail and accuracy as you have ministered to me. Blessings Eunice.

Dear Eunice, Thank you for the wonderful word which you sent which really spoke to me on so many levels. You communicated such love and precision with your words and touched on many areas that the Lord has spoken about in the past through prophecy. Bless you for your faithfulness in using your gift for His glory.

Dear Madam,
It is very wonderful and blessed to hear your prophetic words which are very true. We thank God for you. May God bless you with good health and much more prosperity in this year. Amen.

In the month of March I sowed two prayer requests seeds, for my sprained ankle…..I would like to testify that the last xray was good as my foot bones are now placed in the correct position and leg rehabilitation is improving. Thank you Jesus.

…..it has greatly strengthened and encouraged me. Thank you so much for your ministry. I am sending an additional donation as it has blessed me so much….. May you be blessed today.