Pets’ New State

A wonderful opportunity to find out what God showed and told me concerning our pets in heaven!

You can read the responses He gave to the questions I put to Him as well as understand more about their provision and ability as I share the scenes He gave me.
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“Father God has demonstrated His unlimited creativity and incredible care for our pets even through the classy descriptive words that had me reading a few times just to grasp their meaning. If we are wounded through any traumatic loss of our pets, this revelation through Eunice would bring much comfort. I had always struggled with the pain or thought of not having done/cared enough for my dog. “If only” I had done this or that. But ultimately, what really matters to me is how Father God has provided everything even for our pets in glory. To know that our pets in glory do not even have any memory of their suffering on earth, that they can communicate with us telepathically, and that they have so much delight up there, is most soothing. Many people including preachers and prophets have expressed their ignorance by saying that pets are not saved. When they say such things, they bring more hurt to already hurting hearts. Don’t they know Father God or His power? So I will close by saying thank you Father God for having my dog in your hands. She is your dog because You made her. I will rejoice in knowing she is more alive than ever in your blessed kingdom, so very very well provided for. Thank you for letting me enjoy her company for five and a half years although the ending was sudden and cruel. She touched me in ways no human can. And as the saying goes, Dog is God spelled backwards. Does Father God have a special dog Himself ? I would like to think so.”