Hi Prophetess Eunice,
I just listened to the prophetic word you sent me and it absolutely amazed me. Abba gave you deep insight and it ministered to me powerfully. In the past few years….To truly feel the love of Abba has been a great desire and you spoke on that. That dress I am holding in the picture is the dress you saw in the closet. My mother gave it to me almost ten years ago. I have never worn it. I decided it would be….Periodically, I would go to my closet and take it out and look at it and imagine when I would finally wear it. You even saw the colours ! I am going to listen to the word again as I was just overwhelmed and couldn’t absorb it all at once. Finally, the day after asking for prayer for my husband and sowing into your ministry for the first time, I experienced two things….The Lord was confirming to me immediately about your ministry. I am definitely going to recommend your ministry. You love the Lord and His power and grace come through your voice. You are accurate and a true prophet who hears from the throne room of grace. I thank God for you. May He increase you even more.That you lack in nothing in Christ Jesus’ name. Amen ! Blessings and love

Thank you for the very accurate and encouraging prophetic word, Prophetess Eunice. We appreciate you so very much. No one has spoken prophetically more than you into our families lives. You are an incredible blessing to us. We thank God for the divine connection and are indeed privileged to call you our dear friend and sister in the Lord…God Bless.

Thank you Eunice for your word for Ron and I….We really appreciate the time you took to hear from the Lord on our behalf. Your word was very accurate and we were so touched to know (even though we know that God sees and knows all things) that God had seen our heart and our sowing. It truly amazed us that God would show a complete stranger about us. We pray abundance and blessings over you and your ministry. With love Anne and Ron. Australia.

Joyfully, I would like to share with you how amazing God is ! In December you prayed for me – for a brand new job and in about two months God opened that door for me. On another occasion you were praying for my job interview in the Holy Spirit and when listening to the audio prayer – I heard the person’s name I had a job interview with. The prophetic interpretation you gave regarding ‘mistletoe’ (in relation to community) was spot-on, as the job God blessed me with is actually located in my community. God orchestrated another area of my employment situation , as He fulfilled my heart’s desire to geographically work where I prefer the most. Finally, I would like to sincerely thank you for not only interceding for me before the throne of the Father God, but being as well such a great role model of a godly woman living by faith !

I have got to testify about the cognition prayer tongue you did for me…I woke up with a different brain when you spoke tongues while I was sleeping…my brain doesn’t strain anymore. Every second I know God is with me and gives freely…You and God have blessed me abundantly . God Bless you Eunice.
Thank you, thank you, thank you for your prayers. I was so blessed and encouraged by them ! I am so thankful to God who led me to your ministry…

Thank you so much for truly serving the Lord…the word was very confirming and hit my spirit in a great way. Karissa was greatly encouraged as well, as she said there were many confirmations in her spirit…We needed this …God Bless you !

Thank you so much for praying and seeking the Lord on my behalf ! WOW, what a powerful, accurate word !….Eunice, you are a treasure to the Body of Christ and you /your gifts are much needed in this season/hour that we are living in. God Bless.

Thank you so much Eunice. Very anointed and a deep blessing. Words as if from heaven to my spirit. Thank you Jesus. May He return the blessing 100 fold to you, precious servant for Christ.

Thanks for the prayer, I feel better in my body ! It means I am free ! ….

Thank you so much sister Eunice. This word of hope from the Lord has really been an encouragement for me- thanks God ! I have ….. Thanks again sister, I’m excited ! God Bless you !

Dear Eunice…this is so right on ! To think that the Lord would show you ….This came just at the precise time. Amazing. His presence was strong…Thank you Eunice. I pray for increased wisdom and discernment for you….you are walking in love and able to admonish people…

Thank you Eunice for taking the time to interpret my dream…this was a very interesting dream and I really appreciate your words of wisdom and encouragement. Your words, spoken through Holy Spirit has brought great clarity and peace to my spirit and a peaceful confirmation. I thank God for you !

I would joyfully like to share with you that God has heard our prayers- as my beautiful baby niece was born super healthy, full of peace and through delivery that lasted one hour only ! Not only that but when you look at her, you can clearly see that she is already blessed by God.
We prayed as well for the atmosphere and business relationship believing my boss and myself to be positively changed- well, I have to say that major change was obvious just the day after I received mp3 prayer ! And now it feels like we’ve known each other for a time. Praise the Lord ! Thank you for all your prayers prayed for me and my loved ones. With blessings.


Prophetess Eunice, Greetings in Christ ! I am thankful for your prayer of agreement for my health and your word of wisdom. I believe the Father that this is the start of a great Kingdom relationship since I have identified you, by the grace of the Father, as a catalyst in my life and Maria’s. What led Maria to contact you, regarding the prayer of agreement on my behalf, was the fact that I was in the emergency room for high blood pressure (185/110). This is the first part that I inform you regarding my miracle observed at my last visit with the doctor: my reading was 126/77 Hallelujah, Glory to God in the highest ! ….Concerning the word of wisdom that the Father allowed you to receive on my behalf : what accuracy, and I testify that you heard it clearly from the Father….Next is the revelation about the colour blue. What a confirmation ! I have been talking to Maria about this for approximately 2 months…May the Father continue to increase you and your ministry more and more in Christ- Jesus name ! …God bless and we love you !

J with Prophetic Counselling:
Dear Eunice, I thank God for your life. I feel so blessed and thankful for the prophetic words and prayers today. I am now full of hope again. It is evident you took time to pray and intercede prior to our conversation as every word you spoke had meaning and Godly expression to questions I needed answered. Thanks for showing me how to pray as led by Holy Spirit. You are a treasure to the body of Christ. May God’s face continue to shine on you.

Hi Eunice, Thank you for the lovely word. I am really pleased to hear of the good things God has for us. Very blessed to receive this word. Bless you.

Amazing, everything you said applied, especially ….. so God !!! Thank you !!! Words cannot describe how much I appreciate this prophecy….

Thank you so much for yesterday’s prayers – both were very powerful and accurate.

Thank you for another great word of prophecy and prayer….I thank God for His word that is now giving me direction and confirmation.

I absolutely LOVED the word you sent me…..so encouraging.

Such a wonderful rich and deep prophetic prayer and word ! Thank you so much…All is from the heart of God. Thank you for your thoughtfulness and sensitivity to Christ to hear from Him in all these things. It is very encouraging to me in this difficult time. His greatest blessings to you.


Love the Lord’s sense of humour….so accurate a description of the beauty and boldness of the project….you’re so effortlessly accurate all the time Eunice. God Bless you.

Prophet Eunice,
The day I received it I listened to it at least 6 times and more since then also. It has so much in it and in so many facets and I am believing God for every part of it and also so in awe and humbled by some of the things you said. Wow ! I am greatly encouraged and blessed by this word….Eunice, you are an amazing prophet and I appreciate and love you so much. God Bless.

Dear Eunice,
Thank you so much for the Word of the Lord. It was a great blessing. Only God knew some of the things you said. It’s confirming my path and keeping me focused. God continue blessing you.

Dear Eunice,
Thank you for your awesome Prophetic Word. God Bless you !

Thank you so much, Eunice, for seeking the Lord on my behalf. This prophetic word is a tremendous help and blessing !! I carefully transcribed it so as to be sure I have a permanent copy of it, and so that I can meditate on the richness of all that it contains. God Bless you !

I cannot find words to describe how your words for me and my son have ministered to me. Each time I listen I can literally feel my Spirit filling up inside. Overwhelming peace and deep joy fill me. I am so grateful….

God Bless you sweet sister!! I’m so thankful for you and your powerful ministry !

Thank you for the Word of the Lord. It was enlightening and accurate. May the Lord bless your ministry and open many new doors of opportunities for you. Thank you again. God Bless.


L & Prophetic Counselling:
Dear Eunice, I have listened and listened again to the word you gave me and I’m just flabbergasted with it all !!!! The word is an absolute revelation of what I needed in confirmation and daily living for where I am now in life and will be soon. I have acted on this word and soon results will pour in. I will keep you posted as things unfold and develop. Fasten your seat belt !
I wish to thank you from the deepest part of my heart for the word you gave, your prayers over me and counselling. You’re my prophet/friend/saint friend. I have given your details to my closest family members who are in desperate need of direction in their own lives. Blessings.

Dear Precious Sister Eunice,
How are you this day ? I am praying for you. Words can’t express to you how grateful I am for sharing your powerful gift from the Lord with me !….I’d love to encourage you by saying that you are BEAUTIFUL, so anointed and a powerhouse for God, destroying the works of satan in our lives!! I had lost my hope and was sort of “just existing” again, believing somewhat the lie that the “detail” as you spoke of it, in this word, would never come to pass. Through you, God reassured me it WILL come to pass ! You have no idea how that alone has blessed me ! Not to mention the other revelations in this word. I’m so very very grateful to you for sharing yourself with me and Father’s heart. Thank you sis ! Know you are so appreciated, needed, loved and valued by me and countless others. Most importantly, YOUR Daddy ! I love you my sister. May each day be more blessed on every side than your previous, every longing of your heart be fulfilled and every dream come to fruition. Thank you Lord for blessing my sister beyond anything she could ever ask, think or imagine !! Be blessed Eunice. You deserve it ! …..with all my love, Sister Holly.

N: Dear Eunice,
It’s a miracle ! 7 hours after agreeing and praying with you through Holy Spirit led prayer- God answered our prayers ! …..This is awesome ! God is awesome ! ….And I speak God’s mighty Blessings upon you and your loved ones in Jesus’ precious name. Amen! With His Love.

Dear Eunice,
Thank you for the word. I t has a lot of meaning and is applicable to my situation. I was ….Much appreciated. God Bless !

Dear Eunice, I want to thank you again, for the word you gave me last year. I have run to it so very many times, as I continue to walk with the Lord through what has been an increasingly scary time. (I am still drawing on it regularly!) Thank you so much! You have been a crucial part of the peace and hope that the Lord, the Rock, is for me. I have blessed you and thanked the Lord for you so many times, that I thought I should actually write to you. Be blessed in every way. With much love Rachel x.

Theresa & Prophetic Counselling:
Dear Eunice, thank you so much for your ministry. There are no words that I can type that express my heart. The prophetic counselling was so accurate. The Holy Spirit is with your ministry. Thank you. The weight has been lifted. Your ministry is truly a Treasure from Heaven.

FB_IMG_1425048466363 (1)

Thank you so much for the word from the Lord. It was such a blessing to listen to it. The word was encouraging and powerful. When you said you saw me sitting at a piano picking out the notes with Holy Spirit, that brought tears, because I literally did that and have been doing that. The rest of the word was such a beautiful picture of the Father’s heart toward me. Thank you for taking the time to sit before the Lord on my behalf. Thank you, your sister in Christ.

Thank you for my word from the Lord. It was encouraging and very clear. I now have more wisdom as to …..but it also gave me hope for my future. God Bless you.

Once again the timing is perfect. The word was accurate, life giving and hope filled. Thank you Eunice.

Thank you very much for your encouraging word. It brings great excitement to my heart. You spoke of ….I find this interesting as I often spoke with the Lord and told Him…..That intimacy has been the desire and ache in my heart…Bless you as always.

S.A.M. & Prophetic Counselling:
I have seen a significant improvement in freedom and authority since Eunice ministered to me recently and am delighted with the change. It was slightly unusual receiving this type of ministry by phone but that prompted me to partner with Holy Spirit in diligently testing the ministry as it occurred. The follow-up words and scriptures were also very helpful; in fact , an essential part of helping me take responsibility for maintaining and deepening the healing and for sharing the fruits of it in service with others.

Thank you Eunice for this awesome word. As I listened to it, two doves landed on the bird table outside my window, which felt significant….What an amazing God we serve….and I thank Him so much for your input into my life Eunice. God Bless you.

A: Thank you. Several weeks back I had a dream….so you saying that blessed me. I receive this word….Hallelujah, thank you Lord !

N: Thank you so much for the great Word from the Lord. I was impressed by the beauty of the contents of the visions as well as the Word spoken over the man, God has for me. And I have to add, that you’ve spoken about a ministry – it is such a confirmation of what God already said before over me. Thank you again and God mightily Bless you and your loved ones.


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