photo (9)Eunice Brennan

This website, directed by God, is to bring His Revelation to the people, no matter what denomination or standing, as God has always got something to say, to those that enquire.

So take a look at all the pages, as there are many ways to finding out what God has to say, as in this NEW ERA and season, He has plenty to say to all that want to know more, as He is an incredible God with an infallible love for those that want to embrace Him.

On the Blog page are words straight from Jesus Christ, as He has AMAZING REVELATION concerning the Coronavirus that is sweeping the world. Jesus Christ, has not only advice to see you through a very very challenging time period, but also has a MIRACLE MP3 called Jezebel, that is protecting people from getting any of the strains of the Coronavirus and any other deadly illness. This MP3 Jezebel, can be found on the page “This Is The Way Walk In It”. Please read the testimonies on page 8, as these testimonies are concerning the MP3 Jezebel and the NEW ANOINTING that is with me now. 

Having Him as your Lord and Saviour is the most important decision you will ever make, as this embraces His love to enable you to live a satisfying life knowing that you have eternal life and Kingdom Power to move you forward in substantial ways, as His Glory magnifies our lives in stupendous ways and brings the joy and love of Him, so that we can feel content in every way. There are not enough adequate words to describe the full gestation this will bring, as His Spirit has the most wonderful way of taking each of us forward in pivotal ways ! So if you would like to say a prayer, to invite Jesus Christ into your heart, please listen to the first audio prayer on the Instant Needle Prayers Page, as this prayer repeated to God with your sincerity will enable your spirit ( the spirit of man) to connect with God’s, as in this transaction, there is a beautiful vestiture of His amazing love, grace and power, that will catapult you forward in amazing ways ! Then when you have done that, be sure to tell someone what you have done, as scripture tells us to confess what we have just received, as Romans 10:9 states: That if thou shalt confess with thy mouth the Lord Jesus, and shalt believe in thine heart that God raised him from the dead, thou shalt be saved. So having done that, you will start  A NEW AND VIBRANT LIFE, with Jesus Christ as your Lord and Saviour, as there is NO OTHER WAY of getting into heaven, which God wants to make VERY CLEAR here ! So no matter what others may think, you have a choice and in that choice is a life and death matter, as scripture clearly states that without Jesus Christ you are on the way to a place named hell. Jesus doesn’t want anyone to go there, so that is why He died for our sins, as His love for us is so amazing and so divine and He took our place upon that cross and died for OUR SINS as He has produced the finished work, as when He died, He cried  “IT IS FINISHED”. So, please note, that Jesus Christ paid a very special price, so that we could go free and enjoy our lives because of the salvation we can have in Him ! Jesus wants you to know that every person, no matter what they have done in the past, will receive forgiveness as He washes the past away and enables you to go forward in such a victorious way, where healing and His hand of guidance, take hold of you and move you into His Kingdom Authority, as in Him, you have so much to discover, as He leads you forward in your personal way, that is truly unique for you. So never think, it means you are to be a missionary in foreign lands, as many are put off with that religious belief, as God has many many ways of using people to declare His gospel and that for you may just be spreading God’s love where you work ! So come to Jesus Christ in the true revelation, that He loves you very much and will guide and help you for ever – yes – forever, as eternity means just that ! So take away fear of death and come into His loving embrace, as He has a marvellous pathway for you to enjoy, deep in the knowledge of Him being Lord and Saviour for ever and ever. He will make sure that everything goes forward for you in bounteous ways as only He can do miracles, signs and wonders !

Truly, we have an awesome Father who loves to speak Life to His children! We have access to Abba Father through Jesus and in the power of the Holy Spirit (Ephes’ 2:18). Jesus Christ is the Spirit of prophecy (Rev’19:10b). For God so loved the world that He gave His one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life. (John 3:16).logo-3-monotype

Jesus Christ has given me, a Nehemiah anointing, so that the Body of Believers’, realise what is needed in this New Era, as God is bringing His amazing NEW REVELATION, so that EVERYONE, ALL OVER THE WORLD, can experience His Love and Amazing Power, as it is a time like NO OTHER, as He is using the Prophets’ in A WHOLE NEW WAY ! So my anointing has changed, as I was previously A SEER, but now I move in a new dynamic anointing from Jesus Christ, as He is moving in very, YES, VERY, DIRECT WAYS IN THIS NEW ERA !

I Jesus Christ, AM, explaining that I, Jesus Christ, did give Eunice Brennan a NEW ANOINTING in the Spring of 2019. As I, Jesus Christ, did give Eunice a special, yes special anointing. So today, you can receive My DIRECT WORDS STRAIGHT FROM ME ! So, you can receive a DIRECT PROPHECY, as I, Jesus Christ, do love EVERYONE. So you can, ask for prayer too, as I, Jesus Christ, do release My healing power.  Many, many people, are IN AWE at the DIRECT WORDS from Me Jesus Christ. So you can realise NOW, that I, Jesus Christ, AM MOVING IN NEW AND VERY VERY DIRECT WAYS ! My Prophet, Eunice Brennan, will be going to the Nations shortly. So please realise, that this word now, is written, yes written by Me, Jesus Christ. My anointing on Eunice Brennan will show EVERYONE MY LOVE FOR THEM. So please remember that anyone who blesses My Prophets will be greatly, greatly blessed. My love for EVERYONE will show the world that I AM bigger than the enemy ! So, please remember that Eunice Brennan does love Me, Jesus Christ, with a passion.  And that passion, yes passion, is being rewarded, as I AM doing a NEW THING with Eunice Brennan, and all, yes all My lovely, lovely Prophets are going to be moving in NEW AND ASTOUNDING WAYS. My Prophet Eunice Brennan, is going to the Nations soon, so please remember her in your prayers to Me, as I AM rewarding every person who does pray for her. My love for the WORLD will show EVERYONE THAT, I, JESUS CHRIST, DO HAVE A VERY, VERY CLEAR VOICE. So before I close this information, I will state that she is a Mighty, Mighty woman of God. She will astound the WORLD, as she is moving in AUTHORITY COMMISSIONED BY ME, JESUS CHRIST. EVERYONE WILL REALISE MORE AND MORE, THAT I, JESUS CHRIST, DO LOVE EVERYONE AND THEREFORE I DO NOT HAVE ANY FAVOURITES AT ALL. So Eunice Brennan is being  rewarded for being so hungry for Me, Jesus Christ. She will show the WORLD THAT I, JESUS CHRIST, DO HAVE SOMETHING TO SAY ALL OF THE TIME, as Eunice does listen all of the time ! So, I will close this information, as she is going to see My Hand bring her to great, great platforms around the world. So remember to pray and honour, yes, honour her time and effort. My Prophets are being rewarded GREATLY FOR THEIR DEDICATION TO ME, JESUS CHRIST.