Eunice has such a powerful prophetic gift. She hones into God, hears His voice and articulates His word in an amazing way – with clarity, precision and accuracy. She is truly anointed, and a mighty woman of God. She has spoken into my life on a number of occasions, always with sensitivity, discernment and with a kingdom authority. Thank you Eunice. Thank you God !

Russ and Kitty:
Dear Eunice,
As always your words are so full of promise, so accurate to our situation, and very elevating and insightful to what God is doing in as now and where He is taking us. We just cannot thank you enough for the privilege of being your friend and being able to call upon you for the accurate reliable trusted word of the Lord that comes through you every time we ask. Love always.

Thank you so much for this. It brought a lot of joy to my heart !

I just wanted to say thank you for the word from the Lord that you did for me. It was so true. When you said …. The rest of it has given me great encouragement and again I would like to thank you for this.

Dear Eunice,
I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for the word of prophecy. It was just so beautiful !!
I have listened to the word of prophecy over and over again. It seems every time I listen to it, the Lord causes me to hear something new in the spirit and something I hadn’t paid attention to before. I am hearing confirmation, affirmation, destiny, the places I have been walking, my heart towards the Lord, what He sees in my heart, His work in the Kingdom, planting souls, oh my! There are things that I am relating to at the very moment and also I pray I move into the destiny that the Lord has for me, according to Christ Jesus.
I thank you dear sister and I hope to be in touch with you again soon ! You are a blessing to the Body Of Christ. God Bless you greatly!!


I just wanted to thank you for all the messages you sent me- they have been a huge blessing.

Dear Eunice, many thanks for this timely word of encouragement.

Hi Sis. Eunice. Many thanks for the encouraging word from the Lord. May God continue to bless your ministry.

What can I say but ‘praise be to God’ for His word through you with my life. Special thanks to you, I truly am grateful for our connection. May you be blessed for being a blessing to me , my ‘treasure from heaven’. Amen.

My Dear Eunice, Thank you so very much for this awesome word from the Lord. It so encouraged my heart, to hear God still speaking of my healing and all the things He promised me. It lets me know that God truly knows my heart and my desires, how I felt, what I feel, and how very much He loves me. Thank you so much for praying for me and seeking God on my behalf. May God continue to bless you.

Eunice, my dearest sister in Christ, what a powerful word from the Lord. This watered my soul. My Spirit is leaping for Joy. How can I say thank you? How can I express how much this word encouraged me to keep going? Thank you Eunice for pouring into my life. May the Lord’s bountiful blessing be with you and your family. Thank you !!!

Wow ! And wow ! Once again, what the Lord has shown you is exactly where we are . The encouragement this gives me and the circle of people you mentioned in the first line of prophecy is overwhelming! Thank you and may you be so blessed in your faithfulness.

Thank you so much Eunice for the prophetic counselling I received. If I had to describe it in one word – it was rejuvenating! I felt my faith in the promises and voice of God restored. All this time I thought I wasn’t hearing from God, but I was! Praise God. I’m so excited to know the life dreams hidden in my heart were put there by the Lord and He will see them flourish in my lifetime. God has truly anointed you for the most humblest of accuracy! Things I thought were secret, God addressed through you and it only served to bolster my confidence. I shared so much with you during our conversation and you were and are so sweet and kind! Thank you so much Eunice and I look forward to sharing what the Lord is doing in my life in the months to come. And thank you for your prayers, they mean so much to me. God Bless you and keep you strong.

Thank you ! This word blessed me so much…

Danasia:FB_IMG_1423085193271 (1)
Thank you so much. You have truly blessed me. I have told all my friends about you…God Bless

Thank you sister Eunice for taking the time out to do what you do for the Lord. Everything that you said was on point and accurate, is well received. Now I pray that the Lord would bless you, reward you, and refresh you, and open your path for this next season. May He cover and protect you and keep you safe from all harm, hurt, evil and danger. You are such a blessing to the Body of Christ. I pray that the windows of Heaven opens up over your life in a new way that it overshadows you with His showers of blessings until your cup runs over. I just decree an overflow season of great things, timely things, and many blessings over your life in this season. Let the anointing of God rain down upon you right now in such a marvellous way and let the dew of Heaven drench you and produce for you in this season what it needs to produce, and may you be saturated in His love in Jesus name. You are greatly appreciated and you are one of God’s elite Generals chosen for such a time as this and you have been positioned for purpose right where you are. God bless you abundantly.

Dear Eunice, deepest thanks for the word you provided. I know I am on the right track. The anointing was so strong when I heard the word….Bless you and thank you as always. I am much encouraged.

Sister Eunice,
Both of the prophecies for me and my wife were incredibly accurate. Praise God ! Thank you for being so gracious and kind…

My dearest Eunice!
I can not tell you how awestruck I am at the absolute accuracy of your word !! My Spirit is still reeling with joy and wonder at the supernatural intervention of God ! You have no idea of how spot on your word is ! It is everything I have been praying about ! All your imagery is perfectly relevant to my situation and such a beautiful blessing ! I thank God for how He used you in such a precious way to speak His heart, wisdom and direction to me. I am grateful and humbled at God’s continued goodness. I can’t thank you enough. The purity of your heart brings forth the depth and purity of His heart for His people ! What an amazing gift God has given you ! Words can not express my deep gratitude for sharing your gift so freely to bless God’s people ! …..

Dear Prophetess Eunice,
As always this prophetic word has so much great value for me and the prophetic picture is so targeted to my situation, “A picture is worth a thousand words”. Every sentence in the word of the Lord confirmed or spoke about a particular subject….So thanks for the time you took for me, I really appreciate it. I will listen again and again to this word. Thank you so much ! Blessing to you.

Hi Eunice
I was stunned to hear your word as it was a picture of me playing cricket, I am an avid cricket fan, particularly of test cricket. Your detail about the game just sounded like you knew the game inside out! I knew what you meant when you said I was waiting to hit the right ball, but the Lord wanted me to hit every ball, take chances. In test cricket you wait to hit the bad ball, but in other formats like 20 over cricket, you hit almost every ball. Even the way I was dressed in cricket whites, that spoke to me too, as in 20 over cricket, teams have coloured kit to wear. Also the reference to the scoreboard and how quickly the runs were being scored, spoke to me too, and finally, the comment about playing in the rain, as in all forms of cricket, the game stops when rain comes, but this spoke of how Holy Spirit was the anointing. Bless you Eunice for this very accurate word !

I can’t believe I haven’t responded to this earlier, but I will say I have listened to your message several times and the word that comes to me is RICH. This is a very rich message. It is revelatory and very exciting. I was almost stunned by your visions. I am so grateful for your gift. It is powerful. Thank you so, so much !

Dear Eunice,
Fantastic ! Your prophetic word is such a wonderful blessing. Listening to it makes my spirit leap. It touched many areas that I have been thinking and praying about in recent days. I am encouraged, excited and uplifted. Your anointing is ever so precious. Thank you for hearing from God on my behalf – I greatly appreciate it. Every blessing.

Hi Eunice,
Thanks so much for the word. I am so excited as it really fits what’s going on in my life right now. God bless you.

Hello Eunice,
I wanted to share with you that indeed the prophetic word you gave me came to pass.
….made an offer I couldn’t refuse. Glory be to God. I accepted and I will be starting my new job…
I am excited about what the Lord has for me. Thank you.

Dear Eunice,
Thank you for the words of comfort and encouragement. May the Good Lord continue to use you mightily. Stay blessed.

Thank you so much for that word, it brought clarity to a lot of things that are going on with me and encouraged me to keep moving forward. God bless you.

Many thanks for the very accurate prophetic word. It made me cry as it’s been such a tough year but praying that I walk into this word from Papa. Blessings in abundance.

Thank you for the on-target and reliable word from the Lord. Appreciate again all you are doing to expand the Kingdom. God Bless.

Christine & David:
Dear Eunice,
David and I would like to thank you so much for your timely and wonderful prophetic word for us both. We have been so encouraged and humbled by what the Lord said through you. Your clear and precise prophetic deliverance is very special and we feel blessed and privileged to have been receivers of that gifting. May the Lord bring continued increase and blessing on your ministry as He uses you so powerfully for His Kingdom. Our warmest love and blessings to you from New Zealand.

Hi Eunice,
Your prophetic words are so encouraging ! God has impeccable timing and this was right on time. This is the second time I have received a word through you; the first being eight months ago. Both of the words are amongst the top five words that have profoundly made an effect on my perception of what is beginning to happen and what the near future entails. Thank you so much ! God Bless you !!!

Pastor Steve:
You have been a great and amazing blessing, a life and ministry saver. Thanks again for letting God use you to rescue us and our ministry. We weren’t going to make it without all this being uncovered.

Thank you so much for your words of confirmation and encouragement. Your images are wonderful and bring clarity and comfort. Many blessings to you.

Thank you so much for your time, your previous words to us were right on ! God Bless you so much !

Eunice, Lol..GOD is. Thank you for your ears, eyes and heart. The depth of your seer gift is breathtaking. GOD is. I am very encouraged….Thank you….from the deep place in my heart…

Thank you Eunice for your beautiful application of a wonderful gift. The word was exact. The ache in my heart was exact. Everything was beautiful and beautifully delivered. Hope relight, and this came on the most timely of days as well.


Dear precious Eunice, I just want to thank you again for your uplifting words. You’re such a blessing Eunice, the sweet presence of Jesus is felt when you speak. You’re a most priceless gift to the body of Christ, a treasure to all, throughout this life and eternity. Daddy bless and keep, sincerely and with Christ’s love.

Power of Holy Spirit, exactly what I wanted to hear from you. Everything you mention was soooo accurate! Wow, I love it ! Thank you so much !

Sister Eunice, I am grateful for the message you gave me from the Lord. Thank you for your time and seeking. Everything was right on. I cried at the end when you saw me with a sign that says… I thank God for hope. Thank you so much !

Dear Eunice,
Thank you so much for this precious word from the Lord, it was a huge blessing to me. God Bless you !

I am so thankful to the Lord for raising up such a ministry. Eunice ministered the Word in such beauty and grace imparting understanding, confidence and hope in what the Lord has been doing in my life. Her prophetic words and counsel addressed many things in my life with such precision that it has given me such an amazing rest in my spirit.

Thank you so much prophetess Eunice,
I just kept listening to this prophetic word all day long, over and over and the Lord spoke to my spirit at the same time and gave many confirmations….Thanks again and many blessings. I pray for you in the spirit and I really appreciate the time you took for me in prayer.

Tina Elizabeth:
God Bless you- the prophetic word I was given recently from you is accurate and true to my spirit man !

Lord God I thank you for your servant Eunice. The revelation is very encouraging as I have been thinking of buying or starting up a new business in another city here in New Zealand ‘for such a time as this’. If you ever travel to New Zealand and would like to make contact please e mail me. Blessings!

Ohhh ! This is an excellent, timely, confirming prophetic word, Prophet Eunice ! Because we are presently making plans to step out by faith, this September on a ministry trip. I can relate with all you’ve said, Eunice. I appreciate your gift ! Keep us in your prayers. Great favour, honour and blessings with exuberant joy to you and your family. Shalom !


Hello Eunice,
My husband and I were greatly moved by the word you gave from the Lord. He said the word was accurate, on time, and sums up his current season. There was confirmation and direction, as well as assurance. We have listened to it many times….there was just something so special about your gentleness and heart. We appreciate you. Thank you so much.

Your words were spot on, covering the past, the deep places of the present, and future blessings and desires. I’ve listened to it 7 or 8 times now over a couple of weeks and almost every time something new was enlightened in me. On a personal level, I love the heart and delivery of your words as well as the “style” in which God uses you to give the words. Very unique and I feel it allows the Spirit to develop the words as well – an ongoing revelation – beyond the words themselves. I feel excited for others that will one day receive what God has from you. Thanks again Eunice. God Bless.

Thank you so much prophetess Eunice. I’m just here to say ordering (asking for) tongues ( Request Prayer) was one of the best decisions in my life and I’m glad you put the option up on your website. Too many times I pray for so many things, happenings, people, projects, but can only see what I see. I can’t pray for the details I cannot find or do not know. People think ” Oh it doesn’t matter” but then they go out and try a dozen options and satan’s clan eats them all up. Tongues is the perfect gift. It’s good for news declaration and prayer. You can speak about anything or focus on something specific. Out of so many prophets you’re the only one offering tongues…..thus ends my expression of gratitude to both you and God.

Thanks so much from the bottom of my heart for your Word from the Lord. It was timely and spot on…giving me renewed hope….I know I’ll have a huge praise report…so I claim this word over our lives and His gift to us, through His faithful prophet. God Bless you abundantly !

Thank you so much Eunice ! What you explained is really, really accurate. I’m reassured that God is pleased….And thank you so much for words of encouragement, it really helps build my faith and gives me courage to press on for my dreams despite the bumps in the road. Take good care and God bless you.