Waterfall thCACFP7HWPamela:
I have received several prophecies from Eunice that were amazing !
She was right on target with the immediacy of my situation. I received wisdom and encouragement from the Lord through her. I love the purity of her heart, the integrity of her character and the powerful accuracy of her gifting. She is a seasoned woman of God and a gifted prophetess with a finely tuned ear to hear the heart of the Father for his children. She has been a gift of God in my life and I am forever grateful for how the Lord has used her to speak into my life.

Thank you so very much precious Eunice ! This word from the Lord has truly touched my heart deeply and is a beautiful blessing, bringing hope and life. It’s Living Water flowing, washing my heart and my soul, lifting me up on eagles wings to continue this journey of love. Daddy bless you richly for taking the time to speak life and love into His children’s hearts. Your brother in Christ, Jesse.

Thank you dear Eunice ! What an encouraging wonderful word from the Lord. Thank you so much for your prayers and listening spirit that brings the hope and heart of the Father. Thank you for speaking into our lives love and truth. It means so very much to have pure heart’s like yours bring the Father’s insight and vision into ours. Thanks to Jesus for His great love and care for us that His dreams and plans will unfold beyond our wildest dreams. Thank you again for giving of your time and heart this precious word from Daddy God . Blessings from heaven fill your life and everything good and beautiful overflow in you !!

Thanks so much Eunice for this powerful prophecy from the Lord. It did confirm some questions I had on my heart. I truly appreciate you going before the Lord on my behalf. May God continue to bless you and your ministry for His Glory !

Thank you Eunice for that powerful word from the Lord…it was spot on and edifying. May God’s love keep you.

Eunice, this precious word was like a Heavenly Kiss from Abba. Thank you for being a vessel.

Eunice, the word was so on target, it left me speechless, in awe…so Abba showed me you, then a dart board, I see you throwing the dart and it hits dead centre, you will always hit the centre with the Holy Spirit guiding your hand…the word is a great blessing to me…it gives life.

Flower thCAH1JSOSCandace:
Eunice, your voice was like pure and sweet honey flowing over me as you spoke – the Lord has given you one of the most beautiful sounding voices that I ever remember hearing – or more accurately, feeling, as I was hearing.
His words through you are incredibly precious and treasured by me, but I wanted to tell you that I experienced such a ministering of His Spirit, just through the sound of your voice and the lilt and cadence in the way you speak and accent combined – I don’t recall ever feeling this from any other voice I’ve heard previously; it was surprising to me. It felt to me like Father was using even just the sound of your voice in ministering to me while you spoke His heart to me ! I experienced the word you ministered to me from the Lord as delightful, encouraging and I also appreciated the prayer you prayed over me, because what you felt led to pray was spot on and I am so grateful for it, thank you.

Thank you so much for the prophetic word Eunice. It is a confirmation of a word spoken over my life in May 2013. I’m humbly grateful for the word of encouragement. I call it the bulls eye prophetic word. Thank you Lord Amen.

God Bless you Eunice. I just wanted you to know how much of a blessing this word was to me. I come to tears just thinking out – as the word is so hidden in my heart. It was 100% accurate and confirmation of the things God has spoken to me in prayer within the last year. The word was encouraging, edifying and uplifting. Thank you for taking the time to minister to me. You are a blessing !!

Eunice, my personal prophecy was such a blessing. It brought peace to the chaos in my life. I was trying to walk in a particular direction but all the doors were blocked. However, my prophecy brought light into my darkness and encouragement instead of sorrow. Thank you.

I want to thank you Eunice for the accurate word and it touched my heart and tears were streaming down my face and the Presence of Holy Spirit was so tangible. What a blessing your ministry is. Thank you.

Thank you so much for the prophetic word. It was right on. Things only the Lord knew I had been talking to Him about. It was so encouraging and really lifted my hopes and expectations. God Bless you Eunice for the word, I was truly blessed.

I received my prophecy and a week later things prophesied started happening. Eunice, the issues you mention are spot on. May God receive all the Glory for what He is doing in your ministry. Thank you.TheGlorySite246-1029x768

Thank you and God Bless you abundantly ! You would have had no way of knowing that at times God causes my voice to amplify supernaturally when delivering His word.(To my shock and amazement!) You mentioned this in your word to me in so many words…God Bless you again as you impact the nations and confirm God’s marching orders in this day and hour.

Thank you so much for the refreshing word. I receive it and I needed it. I know it’s truly the Lord showing you what you revealed. God Bless you and all that you touch in Jesus name…amen.

Thank you so much Eunice for the word you gave recently!!! Immediately in the manner you delivered the word I felt the love of God flowing through it. It was accurate and confirming and in line with other words I have received. But as I said, it had such a presence of God’s love and encouragement in the way that you gave it. I loved that you hit in confirmation the call on my life to write.(I’m on my second book in a Children’s series and needed this).I’ve written it out and will cherish it as it comes to pass !!!

What a wonderful word from the Lord. Particularly it speaks into my life right now…although you don’t know me, you have really heard the heart of God and seen in the Spirit as to where I’m at. It is really encouraging for me and this word really helps me with a fresh sense of hope and trust that God is going to take me forward into all that He has for me. I felt the heaviness lift when you prayed. He answered a very personal prayer for me in the word too, which gives joy for the future. Thank you so much for praying for me.

WOW! WOW! WOW! Prophetess Eunice! TEARS! TEARS! TEARS!
That’s a most anointed, powerful, propelling and inspiring word from the Lord, Prophetess! YES! What a God !!! I love your heart, Eunice !!! I sense strongly the spirit of Humility upon you. And you really focus on the Holy Spirit lead and trusting the Lord, Prophetess Eunice. Love it !!! Keep it up!

Eunice, God Bless you! Thank you for sharing God’s message to me! It was right on target!

Thank you for your time, effort and encouraging word. The word confirms and establishes things in my heart. Best regards and God Bless.

Thank you so much for this confirmation from the Lord.There is confirmation that I will receive healing and the rest of the prophecy is confirmation of things God has shown me and others. I appreciate you. In His love, Barbara.

God Bless you for the word you spoke into my life from God, it really blessed me, so thank you for the encouraging word.

Thank you for my word and for being an obedient vessel for Him to be able to minister to others. A very wonderful word that did speak and minister to me. Thank you for being a willing vessel once again. God Bless you !

I was amazed at how clearly and precisely you hear from the Lord. I was blessed !

Thank you so much for your prophecy. You don’t have any idea how happy you make me. When I listened the Presence of the Lord was so beautiful that I was crying with happiness.The Lord bless you abundantly.

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God Bless you indeed sister Eunice. I also have a sister who’s name is Eunice. Thank you for the prophetic word. I believe it and receive it, all glory and honour and praise to Jesus Christ. Shalom and love.

I did not want the day to end before telling you thank you ! The words went deep and I still need to process the preciousness of it all…but wanted to tell you something about what you said about psalmist. I have always wanted to play guitar and sing/proclaim before the Lord and minister to Him. Just two days ago I went upstairs and dug out my acoustic guitar to begin to teach myself chords. Amazing that part about psalmist was in my word ! I love and treasure the prophetic. Thank you again…I am so encouraged and will be able to wage the good warfare with this word. Fight the Good Fight. Press In.

Thank you for sharing with me. I have been listening to the word you sent me over and over again. I’m trying to see how I am to go about in applying it to my life in this season. It did go with what I have been going through. I appreciate it. God bless you.

The best Christmas gift my mom has given me was to hear your sweet voice in the prophecy for me.
Thank you for serving the Lord so mightily. It was truly amazing how the Lord let you see things that only He and I know. Tears of joy ran down my cheeks as your confirmation of some of the things God has said to me were shown to you.
You are wonderful! May the Lord continue to bless you and yours abundantly!

Dear Eunice, Thank you for the word.Truly the Father loves me.Stay blessed , Elfas.

Dear Eunice,
Thank you for your awesome word.Love receiving your word from the Throne Room. Always a blessing and right on target. It is so powerful & enlightening. Thank God for your amazing gifts.

Thank you for delivering this pure word from the Lord.Much needed at a time as this. It blessed me and re-affirms some things in my life presently. The travel sounds exciting; although I don’t have the $ for that; so I can only anticipate it is to happen at the Lord’s hand. Shalom!

Thank you for interpreting my dream Eunice, that was really interesting and a blessing! Also, I believe I’ve received confirmation for the direction I’m headed for with my writing career. Thank you again and hope you have a wonderful new year.

Hello sister Eunice…I am sending you this with great joy in my heart for confirming my dream is great blessings ahead from our heavenly Father…I want to thank you very much for your words, they have given strength to move forward and not give up, but to strengthen my faith in God…and joy in my heart to know my family and I will be ok in Jesus name. Thank you for everything. May God Bless you always.Love Paulette.

I came to Eunice a few months ago for prophetic counselling with some tough things that most believers do not even want to touch.
Eunice not only provided a peaceful environment where I felt safe but also instructed me in a way I fully understood what was happening.
She is one who only says and does what she hears Father God say, where you feel it’s the Holy Spirit Himself ministering and that’s it.
My session was also finished with prayer, wisdom, God’s word, prophetic insight and tools to walk out the ministry I had.
I am walking in a peace, joy and liberty now, that God intended for me to walk in from the beginning.
Eunice is a person I will call upon again to work with Holy Spirit in areas of my life down the road.
Thank you Lord for this woman of God.
Thanks very much for taking time to wait on God for a prophetic word for me and for interpreting the pictures God gave you for my life.The prophecy definitely resonates with me. I can see numerous things relate to my present phase of life and ministry. Though, since much of the content is foretelling, time will bring about a better understanding of many of the things spoken.It is a great encouragement to me and an affirmation of things I sense about to break forth. It also helps me relax in the goodness of God, knowing that new ventures in the Spirit are about to unfold. Grace and peace. Jeremy.

Dear Eunice,
Bless you. What an amazing Word. I have been waiting so long for this and has been the desire and ache in my heart to finally find and step into the call of God for my life. I almost felt like I was at the end of the queue waiting for my turn to come around. I know I can do nothing in my own strength and therefore am totally reliant on God. Thank you again for your word. You encourage me every time. God Bless.

Hi sister Eunice, God Bless you indeed, what have you done to me Hahahagaghahahah since you prophesied over me not only is every word coming to pass but I had two visitations from Jesus, and I am constantly burning with fire. I love you sister and thank you for being a faithful servant.

Thank you so much for ministering the word of the Lord to me.It really blessed me and confirmed what God had already spoken concerning me.

Thank you so much prophetess Eunice. Really this prophetic word is WOW ! Because it is so accurate. All the pictures and hearing from the Lord help me a lot, for confirmation and other purposes. I listen to the MP3 often, everywhere I go as it is a real blessing for me on my journey with the Lord. Great impact in my life! Looking forward to your service again.

Thank you for the encouraging word from the Lord and for the clarifications.Wish you could stay in touch with us for we don’t have such prophetic voices here.

Thank you so very much for your encouraging word from the Lord! It was humbling to say the least. I love the pictures you see and the descriptions of what is ahead. It was a lot to take in and it will take awhile for me to ponder and place before the Lord, to understand how He will help me walk this out by faith. I prophesy as well and I was truly thrilled to hear you comment on that. I want to be a searcher in the Word, a finder and a searcher still seeking those nuggets of gold; to go as deeply as possible with our Jesus. I so appreciate you taking the time to hear for me, your ability to hear His voice, the sweet sincerity of your voice and your tender heart before Him. Praise God for you. Bless you richly.

Hi Eunice,
I have been so excited about seeing your email in my inbox. God has not disappointed. Bless you so much for your time and faithfulness. I have listened to both of our recordings and they are exact to where we are right now, therefore I move forward in thankfulness and expectation of what our Daddy has planned for us. Thank you. Thank you. God Bless.

Thank you soooo much for this word ! It is so precious to me; I have tears in my eyes as it touched me.
God Bless you.

Thank you so much for taking time to share these words with my wife and myself. I believe it confirms what God has been saying to me.

Dear Eunice:
Thank you and bless you for sending me this word from the Lord. You prophesy so beautifully, offering helpful interpretation as you go along. The immediate effect on listening to the word was to calm me which was needed and it gave me confidence and hope in difficulty, which is what the Lord does. Thank you once again for your helpful kindness. May the Lord richly bless you.

I want to thank God for His revelations to you concerning the desires of my heart. His Spirit of Truth in me bore witness to the very revelations of His words, by the voice of His servant, Sister Eunice Brennan. I know Him, the Holy Spirit as the Spirit of Truth and the illuminator of the express truth of the Father to my conscience. The certainty of the truth of His words of knowledge melted my heart unto absolute submission and hopefulness in who He has forever been to me and what He is ever ready to do in my life. I feel His presence powerfully close to me as I take every step towards what is facing me. Thank you for humbling your heart to be used of Him to minister to all manner of people from all walks of life ….

Dear sister Eunice:
I have been eagerly waiting to hear what the Father would show you. There is such hope and encouragement in the words you spoke and the way in which you spoke them. I love listening to you; you truly have a genuine prophetic gift ! Everything you said was accurate and pertinent to my situation. Let me highlight a few things…. I am so grateful for you and so thankful to the Father for revealing His love and care for me. Bless you.
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