Chelsea & Prophetic Counselling:

Dear Sister Eunice,

I cannot begin to express my thanks and deep appreciation to you and the Lord. My time with you today was an overflow of exactly what I needed. I knew you were the right person to pour into me and you did so with such an abundance and beauty . I will never forget our divine encounter and what you have done for me today ( love, freedom, joy, clarity , hope , expectation!)…………in order to fully express the magnitude of what you have done for me. Thank you from every part of my being. You are a beautiful person and a mighty servant of the Lord. I will be praying often for the Lord to return back to you 100 fold what you poured out, and I also will remember you when my blessings manifest. Thank you again !

Dear Sister Eunice,

I wanted to let you know that I listen to your recording that you made for me almost every day / night and it keeps me so encouraged, strengthened and full of faith. Also, you gave me a word about seeing a moth lifted from my books and also hearing the Christmas song “Deck the Halls”. On the same day that we spoke , I saw a moth in the ceiling of my home. I have vaulted ceilings so there was no way that I could reach it. It flew from one side of the high ceiling to the next. I commanded death on it by the blood of Jesus Christ. It stayed there for two days then it disappeared, so I assumed it had died somewhere. On the third day I went into the laundry room ( you also gave me a word about me being a laundry changer ) and saw the moth on the wall in my laundry room right within my reach. I killed it and flushed it down the toilet. Tonight I was sitting in my living room around 9 p.m. and it was night time  outside and all of a sudden, I heard the song “Deck the Halls” playing. The ice-cream man was outside of my home playing that song and other Christmas songs at this hour of the night. When I went outside to look, I didn’t see any children playing or any customers by him because it is night time now. His ice-cream van was just playing that song and other Christmas songs over and over. I knew these two things were not coincidences, but God confirming the word that you spoke to me. I just had to share this with you. Thank you so much !

You have no idea what a tremendous blessing you have been in my life ……Something has totally shifted in my life since I came into contact with you. I know I will be in touch again very soon. I will not ever forget you.


Hi Eunice……thank you for your beautiful, encouraging and glorious word. I love ………


I am writing to give you a PRAISE REPORT.  With your help and agreement in prayer to ABBA FATHER DADDY GOD, your prayers and my prayers were answered and ………….got THE VICTORY THROUGH JESUS CHRIST , MY LORD AND MY SAVIOUR yesterday ………….


Thank you for the word that the Lord gave you to give to me. He knew I needed to hear this as I have been battling so much over the last year and a half. It is a word of encouragement in the Lord. Hallelujah !


Dear Eunice, I can’t tell you how vital and precious your words have been, and still are to me, in a long and difficult season of my life. They have carried me!


Thank you so much beloved sister. The word you have sent me was so on point , it made me laugh and it made me cry and also made me run around the room a couple of times in joy and  happiness because I know that it was from the Lord and that He loves me ! Thank you for being such a gem and a treasure to us all. I love you !

Steve Shultz :

Eunice, thank you SO MUCH for the prophecy you gave to Derene and me .  I waited a few days to listen to it again a second time to get even more out of it. SO VERY ENCOURAGING  and confirming Eunice ! Thank you again and again ! ……..Keep up the God work Eunice ! Blessings


Dear Eunice, as every good and perfect gift is from above, coming down from the Father of the heavenly lights( James 1:17) – so your ministry represents good gift from the Father to be a huge blessing to me as well for my family. When you prayed the last two anointing prayers over me ( through mp3’s I received two days ago)- I was experiencing some chains to be broken in spirit. I can say – it was real and strong felt experience and what you have spoken is truth – as some words were just clear confirmation of what God has already showed me. Some of your previous prayers were dedicated to my mother ( as different prayer requests) and I have to say that she is very thankful, encouraged and many words already come to pass in her life- for the Glory of God!May God bless you. Mercy, peace and love be yours in abundance- in every area of your blessed life.


Thank you so much for your prophetic words- they are always so encouraging and so correct !!! Especially in this very difficult transition time !!! Many blessings to you.


Dear Eunice,

Thank you, I feel encouraged- such a timely , on point word from the Father ! Bless you.

Rev. Chelliah:

Wonderful, timely and exact prophesy. It portrays the exact happenings in our lives. It also contains details of …… which is being processed on the exact date of receipt of this prophecy. Thank you so much and God Bless

Dear Eunice,
That is a SPOT ON word. Really……

Good evening Eunice, Thank you for your quick response….It is going to take some time to digest all of this ….This is very accurate. I am at a time …..Your words are very consistent with what others have said. Some of the words you used were exactly the same words as the others…..This feels mind blowing at the moment ….Thank you for taking the time to pray and hear from the Lord for me…..It is blessing that you take the time to hear from the Lord for others. Blessings to you Eunice !

Over the years I’ve had the privilege of knowing Eunice. This has been a divine connection in itself. What sets her apart, is her amazing gift of prophecy. She has such an ability to hear and discern the voice of God with such accuracy, it blows my mind every time. I can confidently testify and have witnessed the prophetic words spoken in my life come to pass. I have also gained more clarity in the direction I need to take when in a dilemma. It’s beyond what I have ever imagined. This has produced such peace and hope in my life, that I thank the Lord for being able to tap into & access these heavenly encounters with Him through her. I wish Eunice was local but that has not been a barrier to receiving all that God has for me. His love & her dedication to her ministry has surpassed all my expectations. She gives you her all…I pray that everyone experiences what I have experienced over the years and I pray that the Lord continues to strengthen her & bless her. And I wish her all the best; peace, love & prosperity as she lives out her purpose of helping others in this capacity.


Hi Eunice, Thank you for the very refreshing and encouraging words from the Lord. You’re a godsend to us, and also to the body of Christ. Keep doing what you do !! We love the dynamic and vivid images that God conveys through you as well.  We are planting a tree in Israel in your honour ……….Many thanks. God Bless.


Thank you so much for my prophetic word. I must have listened to it at least five times. Every time  I listen to it, it gets more and more interesting. Oh how I love the Lord. And I will say this..  your ability to hear from the Lord with such accuracy is just so amazing to me…I am still in awe of my prophetic word & very  very  excited & still in amazement that ……..God bless you & may God keep you and watch over you.


Thank you very much for spending time to seek a word from my heavenly Father, on my behalf. His words to me are very encouraging and serve to build new hope and excitement. I have listened a few times and each time I am hearing something new and seeing how the different images are tying together….


My dear Eunice, Thank you for the blessing of this word. It is truly accurate and although I am receiving many things by faith, I am so thankful that you pressed into the LORD for me. I am so thankful for your very accurate gifting and the beautiful way the Lord has you verbally package the words to make sure that the word is deep and must be meditated on. Thank you so much ……


Thank you so much for this, it’s the confirmation that I was seeking ! God bless you.

As I listened to Quantum Leap ( see ‘Heaven’s Gate’ page ) there was such a wonderful presence of God. I stood in faith for many shifts and praise God, there was a great change immediately, as an ailment left my body !! Thank you Jesus !

Sarah & Prophetic Counselling :

Dear Eunice,
Wow, a big thank you for today’s prophetic counselling session, I already feel a lot lighter. You have no idea of how much today has impacted me. I was stuck and couldn’t see a way forward in three areas and your prophetic insights with powerful prayers for deliverance and then such amazing and encouraging prophetic words for me has transformed me from being stuck and dejected to free and expectant and full of hope. Thank you for your clear communication about deliverance prayer and what to do and what could happen, I felt safe and that you were competent. I was amazed at how much freedom I received because your insights were spot on in areas I would not have considered.
On many levels your prophetic insights spoke to me, using such clear pictures and interpretations that spoke to me on many levels. I want to send an update further down the line because there are so many things that God is doing that I can now start moving into. Finally, thank you for the audio file you sent of the prophecies, it was so helpful and I can listen to them often to encourage myself and pray with thanksgiving as I see the fulfilment of them.
I look forward to future sessions because I know that your prophetic counselling ministry is the real deal and will transform problematic and stuck situations with Heavenly revelations, authoritative  prayer and amazing and encouraging prophecy. I praise God for his kindness and thank you for your faithfulness in developing and using your gift and for the sacrificial lifestyle that goes with it.
Many Thanks


Hello ! Prophet Eunice ! What an amazing word ! I receive it with open arms ! Thank you for hearing God on my behalf ! I was especially blown away when you started talking about …….( concerning my husband’s business), because I have been talking to him about the same thing ! I love your prophetic anointing and ministry ! God bless you !


Dear Eunice,  Thank you for your word. It is right on and I hope it will come into manifestation as I continue to trust that God is working on my life. Best regards.


Your ministry is a blessing from the Lord and I thank you for sharing your gift with me. I will begin each day with these words and continue to stand on His promises….. May the Lord continue to bless you abundantly…..have a beautiful week !


Thanks for the healing needle Eunice. It’s been half a day and for the first time in my life ….. I’ve felt my ailments are reversing and my energy is gaining rather than being sapped out …..


Dear Eunice,

I was very blessed and encouraged by this word from the Lord. It was very specific to things going on in my life…..This word confirmed that …….and strengthened my vision and hopes for 2018. God bless you and keep you.


Dear Eunice, Thanks so much for your prophetic word ! It was so accurate and encouraging and I really enjoyed listening to it…..


Thank you for this beautiful word from God, it really spoke to my heart. I’ve been praying many years for God to open doors and was hoping it will happen this year. And this is confirmation that God wants to open those doors for me this year in 2018…..I cannot wait to come back and share a testimony with you. God bless !


Thanks a lot for the prophetic word. It was really encouraging and fit very well with other prophecies I’ve received from other people. I hope you have a great week. God Bless you.


I wanted to let you know that everything went in my favour yesterday …..I know it was the power of prayer that you provided . Thank you so much for your intercession. You told me to …….in an earlier prophecy and I ……. Without your guidance and prayer through Holy Spirit, I don’t think we would have been as successful. Praise be to God….Thank you.


WOW!……All that I’ll say for now, is confirmation, upon confirmation, upon confirmation! It is all accurate, on point and on time! What an Incredible, Mighty, Awesome God we serve!!! I am simply AMAZED!!!……


Received, Blessed and Awesomely Blown Away……….WOW.


Dear Madam, Thank you for your accurate precious word of God. Your prophetic words are of much encouragement to us in our difficult situations. God bless you and ministry in a very special way this year. Amen.


Thank you dear Eunice. This word is so rich with resonance in me …..and a huge encouragement to me today. Already I am starting to experience the things you said. Thank you and God Bless you.


I have just listened to it! Right down to ……..this is what has been transpiring and this wonderful word put it into words confirming what I have been believing, learning and desiring. Dear Eunice, I wish I could hug you……how I appreciate your kind pure ministry full of words that can bring life and correction at times……with hope. Encouraging and empowering.

Dear Eunice,
Thank you so much for these beautiful words. It really blessed me and was right on. I have listened to it several times and it is a blessing from the Father. Thank you so much !


Dear Eunice,

Many thanks for the profound and timely prophetic word. It addresses many of the issues I have been praying about and gives great encouragement for all that lies ahead. I am excited, challenged, blessed and even more determined to be at the centre of God’s will. Praise the Lord for the gift He has given you to sharpen focus, cut to the chase and instil purpose. Every blessing.


Hi Eunice, what an amazing word of hope filled encouragement for this present season of my life. I appreciate so much not only the insights and revelation but how it was unfolded with words and images. Thank you Eunice for taking the time to seek the Lord to minister with the gifts given you. Blessings!


Thank you for the on-target prophetic words from the Throne Room Of Heaven. Be blessed!


Today I have great news as I reaped some beautiful fruits of prayer you’ve prayed over me four days ago. I was refunded from assurance company quickly and smoothly with no obstacles. Praise the Lord !After praying a few months ago , my niece is gradually transforming in the eating behaviour area, with concrete results. As well, her language and spoken words are much more positive and I believe God did a turnaround in things that attract her, this means no more witches and monsters. Now she is attracted and gets attached to pocket version of Holy Bible- New Testament, bringing it with her, even though she doesn’t know how to read yet. Thank you Jesus !


Thank you so much not just for such a prompt response but such an encouraging word, every picture given described very accurately what is happening and what I trust the Lord to complete in my life. Even ……book title which you mentioned, I knew immediately God was confirming a situation of which the title speaks. God Bless you Eunice !


Thank you my friend for this wonderful word. Your words always bring inspiration. This is ……….as I know that what I felt was correct and you have confirmed this. I look forward to what God has in store. Exciting times ahead. Blessings.


Wow Awesome Word from Father God. He did what He knew I needed to hear and He confirmed it. Praise God. I receive the Word in the name of Jesus. God’s blessings.


Thank you for the recent prophetic word about …….Absolutely amazing as each picture shared was like a chapter in our book of life, confirming direction and intention. God Bless!


Thank you again for lifting our prayer needs up to the Father. What Holy Spirit gave you in previous prayers concerning my brother’s situation is just amazing. God’s words and pictures were not only hope giving and uplifting, but as well encouraging, accurate and spot on.

Your ministry is very appreciated as well as earnestness, consistency and endeavour of your work. Possibility to receive your response so quickly represents a privilege for me. I’m grateful because in this way things and situations can be prayed over at the beginning of something going on, and by God’s hand turned around timely. Thank you and God bless you.


Thank you ! Thank you ! Thank you for getting back to me so quickly. The situation ……… So, the word gave me confidence to proceed and have faith for the future….. May God richly bless you and your ministry !


Dear Eunice, Thank you for your prophecy which fits with and develops further many things that God has been saying to me over the last 2 years. It speaks of some specific things that I prayed that God would speak to me about before requesting a prophecy from you. Thank you so much for stewarding your gift and for the lifestyle you live in order to hear God clearly.


Thank you for your prophetic word, very helpful and parts very fascinating. Funny just earlier I was asking the Lord to show me some significant numbers that were important to me, expecting to find them throughout the day or week, which may still happen, but your word had three different numbers of importance for me. God is so good. Blessings!


Thank you so much. Very helpful and confirming …… What a wonderful gift ! …..


Dear Eunice, Thank you, Thank you, Thank you for the encouraging word from the Lord! I have been dealing with ….. Thank you for telling me what God is doing in my life. It has given me strength and hope….. Love you Eunice !!


I thank God for your powerful gifting and that we are blessed to benefit from it and be so encouraged. I am also very prophetic and my gift has grown and expanded by receiving the fruit of your gift in my life…. Blessings.


Thank you for the prophetic word, great encouragement to move forward with what I know ….so appreciate these words as many significant changes are happening in my life, as in so many others.


Eunice, I wanted to write and share feedback on the prophetic words you have spoken over my wife and myself. You have given my wife Michelle and myself prophetic words separately and then together as a couple and your style was so unique but I believe your content was so accurate. I just wanted to thank you for using your God given gift to help people. Be blessed.


Thank you so much ! I wept as I listened to the word you sent, the deepest longings of my heart were spoken into by the Lord using language and symbols that are deeply meaningful to me. I have experienced God’s ‘knowing’ of me and deep encouragement and hope.


Thank you once again for an amazing word filled with wondrous events…..


Eunice, A rich and deep word from the Lord. I have listened to it multiple times and I understand it better each time. It will only be fully understood when some of these events take place. I thank you for using your gift as it was intended.

Jovita & Prophetic Counselling :

Thank you so much for taking the time to seek the Lord for my concerns. It was such a blessing to hear from God through you. I could feel the tangible anointing of the Lord through you, hence I was crying while you were talking . As I was listening to the MP3 you’ve sent me, I couldn’t help but cry again because of the anointing in those words……….Thank you once again for being a blessing to me. I do appreciate you !!! Hugs & Blessings


Thank you so much for giving me the word from the Lord. It was very thorough, encouraging and delightful …..I will be leaning on this word for this entire year…Thank you.


Dear Eunice, what a fiend I have in Jesus and what a friend and sister in Christ you are to me. Thank you very much for your help …..


Dear Eunice, I got the word, it is powerful and comforting and encouraging and directing, with hope and faith between sentences. Thank you so much. I already listened to it many times. You are prophetically gifted, really. I will pray for you to be used of God mightily to be a blessing in the Kingdom of God …..


…thank you for your prayer, many helpful words and pictures shared, so encouraging and appreciated.


Wow, Eunice. That’s an incredible word. It has just raised my faith so much because it has been a difficult season, once again, and I have been struggling ……. Thank you, thank you, thank you for your time and blessing. May God pour out His blessing on you in abundance.


Thank you very much for your wonderful prophetic prayer. It is very effective and encouraging. God Bless you. Amen.

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