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Eunice all I would like to say is this: WOW! WOW! WOW! A prophetic sniper of God, words were right on target !

Dearest Eunice,
I’m so touched and moved by your wonderful, encouraging prophecy. I cannot begin to tell you how timely and extraordinarily accurate your words are. A good friend recommended you to me and I’m so grateful and look forward to sharing this with her. Bless you and know that I will be praying for you too.

Prophet Eunice,
I thank you for your word you just cannot imagine the deep impact this has had on me. Every part touched me deeply and made me cry before the Lord and that is a rarity for me to cry. Only God, my husband and I know some things that you addressed and I am astounded! We have not even spoken with our family and we are praying for direction about leaving our jobs, relocating to join ourselves with a trusted ministry, leaving our families and church and in the natural it doesn’t make sense, we would have to sell two houses, leave good paying jobs with excellent benefits, all our children and grandchildren and yet we are being drawn and waiting on the Lord for His direction and leading. Your word is certainly INTERESTING to say the least. I have this sense of yes this is the next step and it certainly leaves me shaken although it is very exciting too. I cannot wait to let my husband hear this word, he will be blown away! Wow you are an accurate prophet of the Lord Eunice and I thank you so much. God Bless you.

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Thank you so so so much for this word from the Lord and I am praying for you and your wonderful ministry. Love Sherri.

What an awesome powerful word. You are a blessing. Thank you! I decree and declare over you increase in Jesus name. God Bless !

G.M. :
I wanted to write and thank you for the amazing ministry I received from you. I was deeply moved at the word you gave and also touched by the delivery of it: there was a sense of great joy as well as love in your delivery. You carry a mantle of great authority, wisdom and insight and all this came through as you spoke out what you saw and heard God say and show you. Three specific areas where I had battled anxiety and fear were dealt with categorically by the word of the Lord and there was power and a sense of open heaven during the delivery. Truly, I believe you have a special beautiful gift that will bless each individual you meet so gloriously. Such anointing came on me during the delivery and the following day I was still basking in the glory. It was as though the word itself opened the door to my next phase of ministry. The whole experience of receiving that word was one of hope and strong encouragement and inspiring greater faith and whenever I look at the word, I continue to be lifted up and deeply touched by the Holy Spirit. Thank you so much for your beautiful ministry and dedication and commitment to bless all the people the Lord puts on your path. It is a privilege to receive those blessings.

Bless you Eunice. This word has stirred up an excitement in my heart. I thank God for your ministry and word of encouragement. I pray God’s blessing upon your life and ministry.

Eunice, thank you so much. This was amazing! Very accurate and precise. I truly feel that I heard a word from the Lord. God Bless.

Pastor R.N. :
Thank you so much for the beautiful edifying word for such a time as this in my life when I was totally down and out. Your word not only built me up but renewed my confidence in many of the key areas you spoke about so accurately . May the Lord bless you and keep you as He increases your seer and prophetic anointing. God bless you my beloved sister.

Dear Eunice,
Thank you so much for this Word in season.Wow, it all speaks to me and really is a reflection on where I am right now and how the Lord wants to move me on…I’m very encouraged, thank you for your time and prayers. The Father is soo good to us!

Steve & Cindy :
Cindy and I wish to thank you with all of our heart, for being God’s Vessel of His Spirit and Voice.
We are blessed and encouraged more than you can possibly imagine, and please know that the Lord confirmed by His Holy Spirit within us, as to the 100% accuracy of the prophetic word you delivered to us today.
We said a strong prayer from the depths of our spirit and soul, for you and your ministry to flourish beyond all you ever asked or imagined.
To ignite prosperity and blessings pouring into you, as we have been promoted by the Lord, we are making another donation to your ministry on line at your website. This will be significant as it should be for such a loving, giving, obedient child of God fully operating in the gifts of the Spirit. We pray one day the Lord will cause our paths to cross again. God Bless you by the Intimacy of His Presence and Grace. Steve & Cindy Burger.

Thank you so much.All of this spoke to me. I know this is from God. Answers of some things I have been asking Him about and some things I have been asking Him for. Bless you.

The prophetic word that you released into my life was such a refreshing and such a breath of fresh air extending great expectation of what the Father sees in me and how He feels about my progress at this time. I thank you!

Goodness! I almost fell over when you spoke the numbers 2 and 7. God has been showing me those numbers together for years.In fact, my boys even point out when they see the numbers..anywhere and everywhere. It happens so much that I know it’s always God bringing it to my attention, because strangely, I am almost never seeking out the numbers myself.Amazing!
Thank you so much for these words.So much confirmation and REVELATION.I feel like I haven’t just heard, but that I have learned. I am truly in awe.
I look forward to reaching out to you again in the future! God Bless you!

Thank you for my word from the Father.At one point you said:”And now I see a cake mixture being stirred in a bowl and see that you have applied all the right ingredients and mix them well to get the right consistency..” Well, I didn’t see your message until the evening of Nov’ 7th and that very afternoon I was mixing a bowl of ingredients to make muffins without following a recipe. I made very sure I did not forget any important ingredient (I forgot the oil last time I baked) and that it had the right consistency.I know the Father was referring to something spiritual, but this was a confirmation that the word you gave me was from Him.
God Bless you.

I have had an awareness of God’s calling since I was a very young lad, my mother and grandmother were Godly mums and spoke into my life, but a lot has happened since then and was not moving in the prophetic as I should have been. Then you gave a word recently at your Encounter Evening, that got me thinking again.In your prophetic word today, you confirmed the prophetic calling and gave advice how to appropriate and experience the calling and so move out to take it in the market place. Thank you Eunice for your faithfulness and encouragement.
Dear Prophetess Eunice,
Just to say thank you so much for this prophetic word. I listened again and again and the Lord has confirmed many things and hit several aspects, places in my life, my call…I was deeply moved by the word you gave me from the Lord.

Wow! All my heart’s desire. This is very accurate and lines up with other prophetic voices and words over my life. Thank you for your gift…and all glory goes to God. With great appreciation, Paul.

Thank you for my word. I was so blessed by it that it took me a while to write to you. The Holy Spirit through you was very accurate.The Word of Knowledge so encouraged me and gave me peace.
I love the way God uses prophets so differently.He speaks through pictures.I love it because it built my faith with the different earthly analogies.
I pray God will continue to bless you and enlarge your territory ! Thanks again, Priscilla.

Dear Eunice,
Thank you so much. The words of the Father are so true.I take them with everything in me in the name of Jesus. I am happy for the reassuring of His love for me. I feel very encouraged and full of new strength. Glory be to God! Thank you and God Bless you.

Dear Eunice,
Thank you so much for seeking the Lord on my behalf. This word is a tremendous blessing and encouragement! Abundant blessings, Janet.

Dearest Eunice and one mightily blessed of the Lord,
You are so sweet and precious in His sight. I have listened to my prophecy several times. I do have a hard time hearing but the Lord has cleared my hearing for the words each time I listened to this. Today was the clearest and all you spoke for Him is true. As I listened to this the first time and the second I was most aware of you and your precious heart for Him. You have a pure heart and one that is undefiled. God Bless you always for that. You are so pure as you stand and speak for Him. You spoke of bumps in the road being taken away and that has started already. So much is going on in my life but He was faithful as always to prepare me for this journey with many involved. I just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate you and the work you have and are doing for our Lord. God Bless you always. We will meet again in the prophetic, heart to heart. Gail.

Thank you ! What you spoke is so my heart ! I am ready for what God is going to do. Such a kindness in the tone of your voice as you spoke His words. Thank you again. God Bless you.

After battling for months for a breakthrough I send a request to Prophet Eunice and I got my breakthrough THE VERY NEXT DAY and 5 days later my MIRACLES have not stopped ! Praise God and thanks for His wonderful servant Prophet Eunice. God Bless your ministry.

What an excellent vivid gift you have that flows so freely.I love that word and so many images that you receive all painting a powerful message.I am very encouraged and have a distinct picture of what God wants to do and has prepared for me to rise up into. Thank you so much.

Dear Eunice,
Thank you for your encouraging and inspiring word from the Lord! The freshness of the word is wonderful. I know the Lord has a wonderful plan for my life and as I said before, the inspiring words you give are so comforting and encouraging as well as an inspiration to look forward for the future with my destiny. Thank you so much and God Bless you !

Thank you for your beautiful expression of the Father’s heart for my husband and I. It has encouraged us and confirmed more about the journey we are on right now.Thank you again for your precious heart…God Bless you abundantly. Luise & Richard.

Stella Ge:
Dear Eunice,
Thank you so much for your amazing words of knowledge, words of prophecy. What you said is so private, so detailed, that only God can reveal to you; some part we take in as a prophecy speaking into our future with great joy and expectancy !
You have a wonderful gift and a true anointing from Heaven !!!

Dear Eunice,
Thank you very much for taking the time to pray for a prophecy for me. I listened to this message several times in a row. The first time I sobbed. The second time, I listened and sobbed. The third, I felt so excited in my spirit. There is a lot here, a lot of encouragement. Thank you for your time and your relationship with God. God Bless you.

Dear Eunice,
Thank you for your time to seek the Lord for us and His gift to you, and to reach us, by you. All very encouraging words, most confirming some hopes and a surprise such as moving us out to another country at some point (heard once before some 12 years ago). We receive it all and wait on God with joy to have it come about.

Dear prophet Eunice:
Thank you very much for the very uplifting and encouraging Word. I believe every Word spoken and cannot wait to testify of the physical manifestation. Blessings.
Thank you so much for those wonderful prophecies for my family. You are great and you are receiving everything from the Lord. It was amazing, thanks a lot.

Eunice, thank you for this. The word is very accurate and encouraging. It is amazing how faith grows when we hear the Lord’s voice.The part about the “red high heeled shoes” and the word picture around that was so very interesting. My wife rarely buys or wears heels, but she had just bought a pair of high heeled red shoes months earlier to go with a Christmas dress. It was a bit out of character for her, but obviously prophetic.
Thank you again so much for being sensitive to the Holy Spirit.

Oh precious Eunice this word is truly beautiful, giving life and hope. It is the Heart of Love speaking to my spirit, giving me courage & strength, bringing sweet comfort & joy. My heart is overwhelmed by God’s great plan for my life & how much He cares & loves me.
I am so encouraged by these prophetic words.
Awe dearest Eunice, you’ve touched my heart, my heart overflows with gratitude & joy & I am so grateful to Daddy God for the wonderful blessing you are, may He bless you abundantly for your faithfulness & love.
Peace forever, we’ll endeavour, one together through our days, forever loving, ever growing in Love’s great & perfect ways.Sincerely, your brother in Christ, Jesse.

This is the clearest, the most precise Word. The exact position I am in and the best description of my hearts desire, the conscience promises of God that I have been given over the past while. It is the sum of other prophetic words…Thank you for your ministry and beautiful way of communicating.

Dear Eunice, I thank God for your life and your gifting. I received a prophetic word from you that was so clear and accurate that I knew for sure that I needed a prophetic counselling with you. I must say that the counselling session with you is one of the best things that has happened to me in a long time. You brought the word of the Lord to me in a manner that was simple, easy to understand and yet very on point. Now, my vision is clear, I have a good sense of direction and I know exactly what I should be doing in areas where I was previously confused.Thank you so much for allowing God to use you in such a powerful way. God Bless you!

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Hi Eunice:
Thank you so much for my beautiful word. What comfort and joy it has given me to know that I am secure in God’s love. Thank you for taking the time to pray and seek the Lord on my behalf. You are such a blessing. Love in Christ.

Bless you Eunice for all you do and your wonderful ministry. You are spot on with the words that you speak into my life and are a great encouragement.
Dear Eunice,
I want to thank you for the beautiful and detailed message that you brought me from the Lord. I’m sure it took considerable time and focus and I am grateful that you took it so seriously. Your words are a great comfort to me and encourage me…..into the destiny that I have hoped for and even expected. I am happy! And rejoicing in the midst of my circumstances. Your words were just what I needed. Thank you so much. May Papa bless and anoint you even more!

Dear Eunice,
I cannot tell you enough how very very blessed I was with the word you gave me. It was clear, I feel sooo blessed, the Lord is so encouraging, I have hope and direction….Eunice God Bless you. This is truly wonderful news for me in every way.