Father says:

It’s time to let go of what is not right, as the E.U. is not of Me and I intend to serve My hand in A WHOLE NEW WAY as it’s time to see a new leverage in Me define this land ! As I pop the cork of a long haul, it’s time to celebrate MY STAND in the land of the U.K. Man’s intentions to still stand in, will be in vain, as I make sure , that pulling out is the victory shout, as propaganda plays its part at pumping fear into so many people. I have a way to make sure that this land THRIVES IN A WHOLE NEW WAY and this will be seen over seven years, as I bring an overture of success to make Britain Great once again. The reasons of doubt will go as I show the people how to grow and succeed IN A WHOLE NEW WAY, as prosperity on a much higher level than ever before, will be seen upon this land. I will move the mountains of adversity and shower the land with blessing upon blessing, as I will make it known, that this is My doing and not man. Yes, it’s time for eyes to be opened to the greatness of WHO I AM, as for far too long people have misunderstood Me. So as from now it will be a different story , as I AM going to open the eyes of the blind IN A WHOLE NEW WAY. Man will be shown that I THE LIVING GOD have a ways and means committee , that will operate with My Spirit IN A WHOLE NEW WAY and see liberation and justification open the door of SO MUCH MORE !

So get ready Great Britain, for I AM launching a new VICTORY SCORE at your door, as the east and the west and every direction will look at you in A WHOLE NEW WAY as it’s time for the greatest shift of Me in history so far, to proclaim MY GOODNESS upon the land and bring the naysayers into the TRUTH of who I AM, as for far too long I have been put in a box with religion holding Me still and believing that I didn’t care of what was happening around the world. So now is the time of setting the record straight as I AM going to remove the stench of unbelief upon this land and push My Spirit IN A WHOLE NEW WAY, as believers open up MORE to what I AM equipping them to do. Eunice is one who will set the record straight as she portrays MY STANCE with her victory pen, as she now flows IN A WHOLE NEW WAY, to show the people, I can do anything I want to put forward My point. I AM using this woman to show the people that I can speak LOUD AND CLEAR to operate My Blessing ! I AM opening up creativity IN A WHOLE NEW WAY, and the Living God will show you that I will do things differently in this NEW ERA, as it’s time for Me to reveal Heaven’s Glow in A WHOLE NEW WAY.

I will surprise and delight you as I have much to give out in this time, that will set you up with a new perspective of what GOD can really do if you only believe. I AM going to shake this land IN A WHOLE NEW WAY and in the shaking will be the making of Me as My tidal wave of LOVE explodes upon your shores.

So forget propaganda and LOOK TO ME, as I AM making sure that the United Kingdom is united with ME IN A WHOLE NEW WAY !


Psalm 9