Treasure From Heaven

Prophetic Ministry from Eunice Brennan

2019 : A New Hallmark!

Father says : A new sentiment is going to open up heaven’s store and liberate the world ! It’s time for a new definition of liberated stance ! Old ways are making way for the new as it’s time for a change that will prove to the world that I will overcome ! My feet will move upon people in new ways and enable them to cast their nets in previously unchartered waters and allow My Spirit to move with tremendous power !

As you give Him your undivided attention there will be miracles in the making and your destiny will open up in profound ways ! There will be a new flight path for you that will open up adventure, settlement, liberty, franchise and sustainability, He says. It’s time to walk tall and feel so liberated with the goodness of God ! His amazing lasso will capture every good thing that will breathe new life into you and provide you with all it takes, so you can establish His Kingdom beyond the norm of what you have/ know now. It is time to overtake and accelerate as you cannot remain in your present position ! This is an outward show of new power and prestige that will change the dynamics of who you are ! This is what you have been dreaming about and more ! You will not only think outside of the box but you will live that way too ! This is a new era of freedom that will tip the scales into My jurisdiction.

The waiting is over – 2019 has the mechanics and the motivation to launch you into a great place ! 2019 has great brilliance and power ! 2019 has justice and repair as God brings the restitution He has promised. There is busyness and glee, He says- as He shows who is in control. It will be a year of stretching you as well as promoting you as He will push you so you can deliver. A year of beauty and power !

He tells me He is setting the stage for the grand finale – so this is the beginning of a very impressive ending that He has for this present world.

So let us stand strong in faith , knowing that no matter what is happening in the world, we have everything in Him and can do our part well, as Jesus gives us the victory !

Happy New Year !


  1. Thank you Eunice for an amazing word from an amazing God. Blessings!

  2. Amen! I receive this Word from the Lord!!

  3. It’s been very very TOUGH, but the merciful Lord has seen me through it all. Waiting in GREAT EXPECTATION for His move into this extraordinary new chapter of life.

  4. Christine Knowles

    2nd January 2019 at 7:19 pm

    Amen! And thank you Eunice

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