Treasure From Heaven

Prophetic Ministry from Eunice Brennan

A New Mandate Will See You Rule The Roost !


God says : A new mandate will see you rule the roost !

What is commissioned by God, will see your control and authority rise ! He declares that it is a decisive time for you, that will render a new gateway of sustenance and power that will elevate you to a new level and enable you to run with the vision and bring forth new agendas which will  see Kingdom purpose attain extensive Glory ! You are coming out of what was and into the new ! You will feel and know you are in control as His authority gives you authority ! This will enable you to surge forward with great confidence and joy. You really will feel you are ‘ruling the roost’ ( to be in complete control) so that you can accomplish what God has put in your heart. This is YOUR TIME to see God show up and show off in your life like never before ! He is orchestrating the best and you will delight in Him in a whole new way. God is setting you up to win ! 

If we look at the story of Joseph ( whose name means : may God add/increase & God exceeds) in Genesis, we see how he eventually rose to a great position of authority – the second most powerful man in Egypt next to Pharaoh. It really feels similar to Joseph’s journey – that this is your time to see yourself standing in a new place, knowing that all you have gone through is setting you up to succeed with everything in place and great great  blessings added. Your family too, will see indeed what God has spoken will come to pass and they will, at the right time, surround you in a more positive way if they are not presently, having come into a new standing with God themselves ! So be encouraged, as God is moving mightily on your behalf at this time !

Thank you Lord for your great plans in us ! There is no standing still with you  and we can rejoice at what you are setting in place for each of us, so that we can run with great excitement and joy ! Thank you for the authority we have in your name Jesus and that tremendous miracles, signs and wonders are taking place in demonstration of the great I AM !

The Lord says : Rejoice for the mountain of MORE is at your door ! It is time to birth what you have been carrying ! New doors of opportunity are opening up for you. It’s time for RESTITUTION in your life ! ( 1. The restoration of something lost or stolen to it’s proper owner. 2. Recompense for injury or loss. 3. The restoration of something to it’s original state.)


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