The Lord gave me a picture of people standing on new growth from the land, that had them in an elevated place. They were able to feel the difference in their walk as the new growth gave a bounce and truly supernatural stance, that left them in no doubt that God was moving powerfully in their lives !

The Lord told me that this new growth was from the Myrtle Tree ! This tree is mentioned in scripture and if we look at Isaiah 55:13, it is one of the prophetic pictures of God’s promised blessings. It represents love, mirth, joy and successful plans and desires being achieved, as well as being a Hebrew emblem of marriage.

Father says that out of the many blessings for you, there is a particular emphasis on strength, understanding, stature and prominence!

It’s interesting that the Myrtle has a strong root system that keeps going even in dire times- so we can be assured that the Lord will enable us, despite what else is happening in the world.

It is mentioned as one of the choice plants of the land and also used as one of the trees in the Feast of the Tabernacles.




I hear Father say “built to last”- that what He is structuring in this hour for you , will be so well made and solid -so durable- so resolute- that it’s purpose will not fail ! He continues “It’s time to have favour as your backbone and reap what you have sown! It’s time to see magnitude and glory liberate and sustain you ! It’s time to move in a new groove !”



Some reading this have felt so despondent of late, but God says He is going to shake that off you, for He is going to transform your situation/circumstances.

Recently, God orchestrated “How To Leap From The Leaf Of Depression” which is found on ‘Heaven’s Gate’ page on my website.

God wants to set people free from depression! Perhaps there is someone you know who could benefit from hearing this message?

Another anointed message with the laughing anointing ( yes, God has me laughing with His presence!)“You Need To Laugh!” will aid and free people too. So again, this can help you and other people on their journey.



It is wonderful hearing the testimonies coming in of God moving so powerfully for people in their circumstances/ concerns, where prayer /prophecy have been requested.  You can also read the testimonials

I appreciate so much the kind donations that you put into this ministry – love and thanks to you all !