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A New Horizon To Quantify !

A definition of horizon can be given as the limit/range of a person’s knowledge, experience or interest.

Quantify can be defined as to determine, indicate, or express the quantity of.

God has structured a new horizon for you that will overstep previous hindrances and debilitation so that you can move forward in a profound way ! 

profound: (of a state, quality or emotion) very great or intense/ having or showing great knowledge or insight/ all encompassing/very deep ).

It is time for the greatest liberation to ENABLE YOU !! Every shackle  will be loosed, so that you can , as Isaiah 40:31 states – 


This is a very defining stance that the Lord is bringing so that you can quantify into the new realms of His abounding measure. It is truly a renaissance time ( if something experiences a renaissance, it becomes popular/successful again after a time when people were not interested in it ). So be EXCITED at knowing that ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE TO THOSE THAT BELIEVE !! Mark 9:23

Many people that thought they were heading for bankruptcy are going to see God bring sudden turnarounds with their finances. He says that there is  a new sensational flow that will overthrow !

There will be new proposals given that will astound and ‘bridge the gap’ – so that there is equilibrium and portrayal with Kingdom assertion.

God is providing a new deck for you ( the floor of your ship – especially the upper, open level) that will have everything operating on a whole new level so that you feel great satisfaction and jubilation ! 

Get ready ! God is moving to ASTOUND !!

Father then gave me the song “Turn, Turn, Turn ( to everything there is a season)”. This song became an international hit when it was adapted by the American folk group the Byrds in 1965. It takes us to the scripture in Ecclesiastes 3 :1-8


Yes, everything is turning !

Today, as we celebrate the  UK Royal Wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan, I hear Father say : A joyous union that will mark the way of the greatest love  I will bring to the land. The door is opening to the celebration of My love that will shake the land so that apathy and confusion drops away. People will see that dining with Me brings the victory ! Royalty clothed with Me, will open the world to SEE ! Dressed with vision and thanksgiving !


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God Bless you all !

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  1. Glory to God, Phrophet Eunice! My Spirit bears witness with this globally as well as personally. I do believe and receive! Thank you! ?

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