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Prophetic Ministry from Eunice Brennan

A New Fascination At What I Can Do For You !

April begins on Easter Sunday this year – what a way to start the month, celebrating what Jesus’ death and resurrection brings to us !

April, Father says, brings a new fascination at what I can do for you ! I love that word ‘fascination’. Synonyms of fascination include : interest, preoccupation, passion, obsession, compulsion, captivation, charisma, magnetism, enthusiasm.  Wow! As we yield to Him, we are surely going to be amazed !

This is what He says:

“April wields more of My new store of Glory – all set to herald a powerful change of the existing state, that will soon be ‘out of date’, as it’s time to adhere to the more of Me, that will tip the scales with renewed hope and Refiner’s Glory, set to give you a completely new story ! Time to yield and so achieve a new measure of lasting treasure. This door of hope will empower you to stand strong among the throng and deliver My new measure that will delight and transform and bring forth a new norm to adorn the world ! Basking in Glory ! Yes, continued hope and a new fascination at what I can do for you !”

This is a warning to Christian believers not to allow stubbornness , sin or a lack of faith to rob them of God’s promised blessings.

God is removing the lies of the enemy so that people can see much more clearly that He has a good road ahead for them. He shows me a gate swinging wide open, which has the number 8 on it – so there is a new powerful swing that is bringing new beginnings and consecration to God that exhibits power, authority, destiny, and wonderful revival ! He shows that through that gate there is a quick acceleration to what is shown as the number 10, which signifies restoration, testimony, divine order and completeness ! The spiritually blind will see the truth! It’s time for great miracles ! It’s time to see HIS POWER BOUNCE AND REVERBERATE AROUND THE WORLD, so that a new way of walking has it’s story ! Jesus will be glorified in the rightful manner!

God is doing a great work on our pathway, as I see the cracks and holes being re-filled with His substance, so that our moving forward has a completely new feel! “A positive glow will show the foe ! Equipped for movement with a new zeal”, He says.

Thank you Lord that this Easter has a clarion call to us all !



  1. What a breath of fresh air at the beginning of Passover 5778. Father, we receive Your word by faith with much praise. Sis Eunice may you receive every new beginning you have faithfully spoken of to the body of Christ.

  2. Christine Knowles

    1st April 2018 at 11:40 pm

    Amen – and thank you Eunice.
    God bless you.

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