Treasure From Heaven

Prophetic Ministry from Eunice Brennan

February Will Be A Beehive Of Success !

Father says:

This will be a time of good motoring that will overshoot logistics ( the careful organization of a complicated activity so that it happens in a successful and effective way ) in a momentous way that will far exceed your usual components. This will enable bureaucracy to dissolve and render timetables of great change marked for victory ! All is gain which will not wane ! Stupendous motion taking charge ! I am overlooking every agenda on your pathway! This is the season of validation and progress serving to show you that I AM in control !


……These are they whom the Lord hath sent to walk to and fro through the earth.

Thank you Father that this month is an important month of vision and movement that will catapult us forward into chartered gain! Thank you for re-setting things in order in our personal lives.

God is healing barrenness in women. He is also healing addictions. People are going to feel free as God lifts off things from them that need to go.  He is also enabling people to set up new businesses that will flourish greatly !  



  1. Thank You Lord renewing my strength. I behold Your Glory by the Spirit of Your Word. Be it unto me according to Your Word. You O Lord said it, by the mouth of Your Servant, I believe You and that settles it. Thank You for the exceedingly abundantly above miracles marking my month of February.

  2. I believe it and I receive it in the name of Jesus!

  3. Christine Knowles

    2nd February 2018 at 7:45 pm

    Thank you Eunice. God bless you!

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