These are the words Father wants to speak into your life at this time. If one looks at the definition of soldered, it speaks of joining closely and intimately, growing together, making it solid or whole, becoming united or repaired. You are soldered for strength ! So it is a process that Father is so carefully administrating for each one of us, so that we have a strength of great magnitude! Hallelujah! So expect robustness, energy, power, influence, weight, effectiveness and strength of character to give you the advantage on your pathway.

This is what Father spoke:

“A timely fusion that will generate harbingers of gold, likened unto Me, who will roll out the red carpet of profound state that will pull together emancipated Glory that will rock the world of who I am! No more asunder! Times of change- to revolutionize and galvanize! Take up your stand, for I will strengthen you to stand on cloud 9!”

Oh, I feel the great anointing with this powerful word!

We know that the expression ‘cloud nine’ signifies a state of great happiness/excitement and this is indeed how we will feel, as we move into the cloud of His presence, glory and favour.

If we also look at what the number nine relates to, it is: evangelist, Holy Spirit’s perfect movement, conclusion, fullness of blessings, renewal, fruit of the Spirit, gifts of the Spirit and completeness! Hallelujah!

So it’s quite a package the harbingers (a person that initiates a major change/ a person that goes ahead and makes known the approach of another/ to herald the coming of) will encounter.  Important too that we identify that word ’emancipated’ as it means not to be constrained or restricted by custom, tradition etc/ freed from bondage. Oh yes, God out of the box!! As He states that it will revolutionize (which is to change something radically or fundamentally) and galvanize (which is to shock or excite into action) !!

So take a stand – as you are soldered for strength!

Philippians 4:13   I can do all things through Christ which strengtheneth me .

Habakkuk 3:19   The Lord is my strength, and he will make my feet like hinds’ feet, and he will make me to walk upon mine high places. To the chief singer on my stringed instruments.

John 3:17   For God sent not his Son into the world to condemn the world; but that the world through him might be saved.

Father initiated something very special this week! He told me to record a supernatural song (sung in the Holy Spirit) called ‘Quantum Leap’, as this song would, on listening to it, activate great changes/ sudden increases/ dramatic advances , to the people and would revolutionize their lives! It would bring the they need- as He knows what you all uniquely need at this time and as time goes on. I love the creativity of this- as God is really doing some NEW and EXCITING things- and we just have to be obedient!

There is already a testimony with this, as there was an immediate shift felt as this person stood in faith, not just spiritually with a wonderful presence of God, but also physically, as an ailment left their body too! Thank you Jesus!

You can find this song available on my page ‘Heaven’s Gate’, for any donation (Father again has directed this as these donations are to go into my ministry).

I also want to take this opportunity to remind you of the great blessing of sending a prophetic e card   to someone this Christmas. Put a card in place now for a date of your choice! Surprise someone with words from our wonderful Father !

God Bless you!