Concerning this new month, the Lord says this to us individually :

” June sees this time zone explode with more than enough ! Yes, it’s time to see elevation take over and manufacture the roll of productivity that will transcend what has been ‘of late’, as now is the time to structure anew the perfect view of incorporating all from my stall, that will push you forward and let you enjoy the ploy of ‘all things new’ rushed out to you ! June has a tune that lets you know, it’s time to grow, as I take you forward in leaps and bounds and allows the ground to give the sound of all in tune all is well !

I am moving heaven’s store to your door- so enjoy- as I redefine time that is mine !”

Philip’ 4:19 But my God shall supply all your need according to his riches in glory by Christ Jesus.

Here in England, we face a general election on June 8th. The Lord gave the following , concerning the new government :

Readjust To Robust….

” It’s time to elevate the land and remove the sinking sand. A dynasty of sound mind will protrude, that will honour, comply and sanctify, so that destiny has the rendition of a new make-up that holds in place a new grace that will carry forward on a new level. It is accountable to me and I will oversee, so that strategy redefines your outline on the world map. Time to rescale, repolish and admonish, so that alignment brings a new seat of complete victory. Purpose will resound with a new sound that will bring around a new day of liberation and power. The tension will see a new success that is meant to be, as I open the door of more for your store ! My kaleidoscope has a changing pattern that will reveal to the eye what is new and due, so that collaboration holds rank. Refine to redefine is the way and will transcribe to a new vibe of joy”.


The Lord says : ” These cards of treasure will bring the exact measure that will trigger the bigger euphoria of my glory!”

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God Bless!