The Lord shows me sparks that are moving out in creative ways from His large fire; expressing that we are now in a time of seeing new creative demonstrations of His power that will ‘spark up’ much for the Kingdom in our midst. We are in very exciting times, where the Wind of His Spirit will blow and produce the sparks of the Great Awakening. They are ‘destiny sparks’ that will enhance your life and portion, so that your encounters with Him will become ‘heated and lively’ in the most positive demonstrations of His amazing love and desire to bless us and show the world who He really is ! Get ready! Sparks are flying creatively for you !

The website has now reached it’s second year ! What a great year this has been as God continues to bring wonderful breakthroughs to people around the world, as they come forward for ministry. Thank you to all who have shown your gratitude and love in so many ways !

Some of the major breakthroughs have come through requesting counselling and prayer. Here are a few testimonies from such :

It’s a miracle ! 7 hours after agreeing and praying with you through Holy Spirit led prayer – God answered out prayers! This is awesome ! God is awesome!

Thank you so much for your ministry. There are no words that I can type that express my heart. The Prophetic Counselling was so accurate. The Holy Spirit is with your ministry. Thank you- the weight has been lifted. Your ministry is truly a treasure from heaven.

Thanks so much for the beautiful prophetic ministry you gave- it truly was life transforming and my words aren’t enough to express the gratitude I feel !…

I have seen a significant improvement in freedom and authority since Eunice ministered to me recently and I am delighted with the change…

I have listened and listened again to the word you gave me and I am flabbergasted with it all !!!! The word is an absolute revelation of what I needed in confirmation and daily living for where I am now in life and will be soon….

I will soon be travelling to Ireland to do ministry there and am so looking forward to that and what God will do there ! Also enjoying getting out and about in our region with the Speakers Of Life team, where, through prophetic ministry we are able to reach out to people in the market place with prophecy, dream interpretation, counselling and healing, which is leading people to asking Jesus into their lives. This again is so exciting!

This is a time of seeing God truly taken ‘out of the box’ and enjoying the fruits of walls broken down and enabling life to be recognised through the blood of Jesus Christ !

Sending a prophetic e card is a new way of creatively reaching out to both believers and non believers – as one word from the Father can change everything !