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Forever Changed…..


Yes, a visit to Mozambique on a Missions Trip, has forever changed me ! One tries to envisage beforehand, what it will do for you, but the reality is something else !! The Lord had told me several years ago that I would have a time of going to Heidi Baker , in Mozambique and this would be very significant for me. So it was confirmation at the beginning of this year that this July trip was it !


As part of a great team with Matt Sorger, arriving at Iris Ministries, we were told that we were heading out to the Bush the very next morning, so we had to quickly adjust and pack our tents and few essentials.
We faced a five hour drive to a Makua Village for outreach and for the most part, experienced a very bumpy interesting journey. On arrival, we had little time to pitch our tents as darkness at 5 p.m. would soon surround us ! With many helping hands we soon had our ‘homes’ assembled for the next few days and quickly adjusted to conditions there as well as remembering that wild animals and land mines were very much apparent in the area ! Despite this, God gave a peace and excitement at what was to take place !

Heidi travelled to be part of this outreach and that night my eyes were amazed at the hundreds of people, including many children that assembled to listen and watch !FB_IMG_1469461345509 The reality of what Jesus can do was dispayed- as deaf ears were opened, hundreds came forward to receive Jesus as their Lord and Saviour ! What a joy to have a fire tunnel and be able to speak blessings and love over every person !
This was the start of great changes to my heart.

The next morning Heidi continued to ‘give her all’ as she got up early to serve us hot drinks and love on us ! What a joy to have her hug me and pray for me- the anointing was so strong, I could barely stand – a very powerful impartation had taken place !

That morning we were all part of praying for a newly functioning church and it was truly amazing to be sitting in the dirt and imparting Holy Spirit fire to the local pastors and leaders. There was an awesome anointing in that time, that impacted so many, praise God !

Later, we went out in small groups to the village and visited homes- huts made of mud and straw- and sat in the dirt to pray for the people’s needs. How awesome, that we saw many powerfully touched by God’s healing power and could declare God’s wonderful love over their families.
My heart, yet again, was being powerfully affected by being a part of this….Oh God, love does so much !

IMG_20160713_124704 The remaining time had much in store for us too.
Iris feed 300 children daily, often 500 at the latter part of each week. So helping feed these beautiful children was quite an experience. I will never forget those hungry faces and being amazed at the very young children of around seven years of age, carrying their young siblings on their backs- having the responsibility as well as the weight on themselves ! So young! So precious!

It was also a joy to love on the children in the Baby House- again, I will never forget the arms that opened wide to me as soon as I opened the door and how my heart melted as I was able to show love and affection. Then the childrens’ outreach in a nearby village , where we demonstrated the Kingdom through drama and had fun with balloons, bubbles and so much more !

We also had the opportunity of going to a widow’s home and helping her buy food for her family, combined with a powerful time of praying in her home and over all the children that congregated in her yard !

Also, a powerful connection in a local prison, where a group of us were able to testify of the power of Jesus and then see them open up for prayer to heal their bodies emotionally and physically. So many amazing opportunities were given to us, including also, having time in the Harvest School- listening to wonderful teachers and coming under the beautiful anointing each time, was just incredible ! Not to mention also, the wonderful ministry opportunities we had among our team and other teams there !

All in all, an amazing life changing time !!
So I am thanking God for the opportunity and awesome time there, that cannot be explained fully.
Suffice to say, I am forever changed !!

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  1. Eunice thank you for sharing your mission experience, it is quite inspiring! God bless you!

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