FB_IMG_1464675703983 ‘As One’ North East is uniting church leadership so that through unity the world will believe that Jesus has been sent by the Father.
It is not an ecumenical movement but a preparation of the regional church for the revival to come. Praise God !

We so need unity and have the dividing walls broken down ! ‘Speakers Of Life’ serves the purpose also of uniting churches to come together with our gifts and see the demonstration of Kingdom Power !

‘As One’ brought John Arnott from Canada at the weekend to demonstrate the Kingdom and to encourage us to step out in faith with the power of Holy Spirit flowing through us. Such a blessing was this meeting !
It was when I visited the Airport Church, as it was known then, in Canada, many years ago, that I got mightily blasted by the Holy Spirit and started to manifest physically the Holy Spirit when praying and worshipping God. With this my hunger and desire to reach out to people had greatly increased. So the ‘Toronto Blessing’ had certainly touched and equipped me for what God wanted ! I went there to experience what God was doing and I certainly came back changed !

A few days prior to hearing John Arnott, many were blessed again to be in the company of Dr.Ed Silvoso. He too had come to the North East of England to encourage us, as the ‘Eccclesia’, to take the power and presence of God to the market place.
I encourage you to investigate yourself, if you haven’t already, the meaning of ‘Ecclesia’.

This Greek word appears in the New Testament approximately 115 times.That’s just in one grammatical form. And in every instance, except three, it is wrongly translated as “church” in the King James version. Those three exceptions are found in Acts 19:32,39,41. In these instances the translators rendered it “assembly” instead of “church”.But, the Greek word is exactly the same as the other 112 entries where it was changed to “church” wrongly. In Acts 19 “ecclesia” is a town council : a civil body in Ephesus. Thus, the translators were forced to abandon their fake translation in these three instances. Nonetheless, 112 times they changed it to “church”. This fact has been covered up under centuries of misuse and ignorance. The Greek word “ecclesia” is correctly defined as “The called-out(ones)”. ECC=out ; KALEO= call So you can see how this word was used to indicate a civil body of select (called, elected) people. Therefore, we can assume that the writers of the N.T. intended to convey the original Greek meaning of the word: a body of Christians called out of the Roman and Judean system to come together into a separate civil community. It meant a politically autonomous body of Christians under no king but Jesus, under no jurisdiction but that of Jesus. No man ruled them ! Only Christ. When you consider the fact that an “ecclesia” was “a civil body politic”, this is strong proof that the Christian ecclesias we read about in the N.T. were independent civil bodies of Christians independent from worldly kings and governors, ruled by the Theocratic government of God’s Spirit.They wanted freedom to serve King Jesus. They weren’t building and attending churches! The pattern laid down in the N.T. bears no resemblance to what we know today as “church”. (Taken from Aggressive Christianity: The correct meaning of “church” and “ecclesia”. )

It was truly awesome to hear from a Pastor at this meeting with Ed Silvoso, how he had realised that obedience precedes provision when you are moving for God…as he explained what happened when he went to Thailand after a Tsunami had hit their land. Taking himself , with God holding his hand, he went to bring the love of God into their lives. One day after ‘looking’ for wood for the people , so they could build new boats, and unable to find any, the people reminded him of how he had said that his God would provide all that they would need , so why not pray and ask God for the wood ? So they did. During the night, after that prayer, there was a lot of shouting and at first, this Pastor thought another tsunami was happening….however, the great shouts were because God was “raining” wood down from heaven – yes- piles and piles of wood for new boats- and what’s more, the piles reflected the right amount of wood needed for each boat !! How awesome is that ?!! His great testimony went on to explain how he built a school – but that’s another story, miraculously provided for ! Suffice to say, God showed up in amazing ways, because there was expectation and the realisation that if you are obedient to what God tells you to do, then know that God will bring the provision ! Hallelujah !

This is also a reminder to us all, that once we have the Holy Spirit in us, all things are possible !! Let’s look to God for amazing miracles, signs and wonders, as we step out in faith , wherever the “market place” is in our life.
We have to take what we have beyond the walls of “church” and show the love, power and presence of God as the “ecclesia”.
Let us be “as one”.

God Bless you !