Romans 14:7
The Kingdom of God is not eating and drinking, but righteousness and peace and joy in the Holy Spirit.

Thank you Jesus, that you came to establish your Kingdom – the Kingdom of God in the hearts of men and women. I pray Lord, that the reality of this truth breaks through to more and more people, so that the transforming peace, joy and righteousness enables them to experience a richness of life that overrides anything else the world can offer ! So many “know” and have the head knowledge of a religion and have not experienced an intimate, heart revelation of the love and truth of Jesus Christ . Once that does happen, they experience the new birth and are born again just as it is explained to us in John 3, with Nicodemus.

Yes, my prayer is for the reality of our amazing God to reach those that don’t understand and don’t know WHO YOU REALLY ARE !

Thank you Jesus, that your Kingdom will break through the walls of deception and bring the people into the true light of such an amazing Father, Saviour and Holy Spirit, because the Holy Spirit will bring freedom as it is “allowed” to express and demonstrate the Power and Glory of our risen Saviour Jesus Christ !

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