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Cards to Treasure !

This month, I would like to introduce you to the project the Lord gave for my ministry which is now up and running !

You now have the opportunity to send a prophetic e card – a card to treasure !

These are e cards with a difference ! Designed to fit your occasion or moment, they allow your message on the card as well as a small personal prophetic word , as each person will be prayed for individually.

This is an ideal opportunity to bless someone you know, in a very unique way ….. choosing a card that is relevant or suited to what you want to say, but also allowing the Lord to add His specific word for that person too ! So a double blessing in one ! Cards that you can send to family and friends throughout the year. One of the cards reads From one sister to another, so this can be used for a sister-in-Christ as well as your relative.

I am advising people to allow at least 3 to 4 weeks before the date you want it to be sent out, as this will help greatly in giving sufficient time to personalise your card with the prophetic word, especially when there maybe a time of year that could see an influx of requests.

There is a set amount requested for these cards as this is helping my ministry expand in the ways God desires. ( Also, I will be paying tax, as it is with all donations into my ministry.)

I am sure you will enjoy sending these cards, knowing that one word from the Lord can make such a difference to a person ! So plan your diary, events and occasions in a new way and open up the amazing blessings the Lord has for the people in your life !

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  1. This is wonderful, Eunice. God bless you. I will certainly make use of this!

    Dawn x

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