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Feeling Good…..2015


My daughter decided to surprise me for my birthday in December, with a visit to see Michael Buble in concert. As we sat and watched the crowds fill the arena, I felt Holy Spirit remind me that soon, we would see such buildings and stadiums filled with people eager to experience God…oh how this excites me! Incidentally, Michael Buble has stated that he dreamed of becoming a famous singer since the age of two and when he was a teenager, he slept with his Bible and prayed to become a singer! When Michael began to sing the song “Feeling Good”, the lyrics really began to open up to me, through Holy Spirit, what God was going to do for me and the Body of Christ, because you see, it really is going to be a new day – a new life ! As he sang and repeated the chorus I was just so overcome by the Holy Spirit with expectancy and excitement! For days later, that was what I was singing !
It’s a new dawn
It’s a new day
It’s a new life
For me
And I’m feeling good

Then the Lord gave me this word for 2015 concerning the dawning of a new day:

I am breaking up the old that has been stagnant and displacing it, so that the new and vibrant feel of my Spirit will enable quantitative growth that has never been experienced and seen as yet ! I will not only bring the balance that you need in the areas and circumstances of your life, but I will tip the scales over with the fullness of my Spirit, that will launch you forward with vigour and expectancy ! Manual labour will be replaced with the new supernatural tools that will change the essence of time and structure of ” how it was” to “how it now is” because you will be reaching and receiving from heights that surely will change the landscape and enlarge your territory. Being sober (that is dry, serious, dull, controlled and unexcited), will be replaced by the fullness of my Spirit, so you will drink, drink, drink, of me and experience the turnaround so that the opposite is felt in the dimensions of who I am in you ! This will be a year of me stretching you so supernaturally, that you will move forward with great acceleration that will be accompanied with joy, love,  zeal,  favour and awe! You will be lit up for my Glory, lit up so that you make a way for the people. The light will expand through the darkness and draw people to my great love that will indeed change concepts and expand the knowledge of who I really am! As you call, I will answer !

Jeremiah 29:11-13     Isaiah 43: 18-19    Habakkuk  1: 5

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  1. I remember that comment about Smith W, because I was there at your home in prayer with you and Jeanette. How time has gone, but this one thing I pray, BRING it On Lord. Fred, bless you Eunice

  2. Christine Knowles

    1st January 2015 at 7:30 pm

    Hallelujah! More of You Lord, Your kingdom on earth as in Heaven.

  3. What a great word! Lit us up with your glory and accelerate our days ahead with joy! Beautiful encouragement! Thank you!

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